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Riveting Backdrop Decoration Ideas For Birthdays

Riveting Backdrop Decoration Ideas For Birthdays

When celebrating the addition of another year well-lived by our near and dear ones, we want the day to be etched in the memories of all the attendees. Make your special moments more beautiful with the help of these stunning decoration ideas for birthdays.


Add some scenic greenery to the birthday party decorations with a plain green backdrop lined on the side by white balloons in various sizes interspersed with huge leaves. The color contrast makes sure that it doesn’t look dull.


green backdrop decor


Yes, flowers sure are beautiful and a common item of decor. So why not go offbeat and make use of leaves instead? This beautiful backdrop with a rectangular frame and hanging wreaths is abundantly covered in a variety of leaves and blends well with the outdoor garden surroundings of the birthday venue.


floral vine frames decor


String lights partially concealed with gauzy white drapes give a pretty whimsical effect. The backdrop is outlined by clusters of light-colored balloons and some glittery ones to make the bday decoration look even more charming.


balloon and lights decor


This elegant backdrop comprises abundant streamers, both crepe and shiny ones, entirely covering the background. A thick border of balloons in a neutral color and glossy golden completes this classy decor. It is an ideal combination of soft pastels and jazzy glitter.


sparkly balloons decoration


A plain drapes background has in the front of it a beautiful setup consisting of flower decoration and gleaming candles. The framed adornment in the center is made of greens topped with pretty pastel blooms. On both sides are glass vases stocked fully with bunches of flowers and are placed on shiny golden stands. Lamps and jar candles are then placed around it.


elegant floral decor


An aqua-themed birthday decoration done in a creative manner can transform the look of the entire venue. Blue string lights and drapes are combined for a beautifully lit effect and are bordered by balloons in cool colors with some transparent ones covered in silver glitter. The fin-like balloon decoration in the end fittingly completes the decor.


blue backdrop decor


This outdoor photo booth backdrop is a cynosure for all eyes. With a green background, a polaroid frame in the center and a flamboyant outline decoration consisting of a gorgeous assortment of florals and balloons, it’s bound to have all your guests making a beeline for it.


polaroid photo booth decor


If you wish for something sober and understated, this pristine arrangement is for you. A pale drapes backdrop lined with balloons is adorned with only a floral ring in the middle, with the name of the person whose birthday you’re celebrating.


elegant pink backdrop decor

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