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Simple Mehendi Décor Ideas For A Private Home Ceremony

Simple Mehendi Décor Ideas For A Private Home Ceremony

One of the most significant wedding customs that has persisted through the ages is the Mehendi ceremony. Henna is claimed to offer cooling and calming effects. So, the bride can be peaceful and quiet before starting a new chapter in her life. It is a ceremony that extends beyond the surface. The Mehendi ritual is a crucial part of every wedding celebration because it is also believed to be a sign of pleasure and good health.

The ceremony is customarily performed by the bride’s family the day before the wedding so that the bride might benefit from the healing powers of the henna immediately before the nuptials. As a result, the majority of Mehendi ceremonies take place in private settings at home. And that’s where most brides run into difficulties. One doesn’t want to go overboard with the decor for a private, cozy event but still wants to convey the excitement of a loud Mehendi ceremony.

In order to do this, we have looked through a plethora of Mehendi decor ideas and provided you with ones that may be readily modified for a private at-home Mehendi celebration. You may easily create the ideal Mehendi decor at home by repurposing old party decorations. Use objects you probably wouldn’t have thought of for decor, or simply rearrangement these elements.

Let’s have a look at it.

Under A Large Umbrella

Old umbrellas are a common choice for Mehendi decor, especially if the event is held outside on a terrace, garden, or lawn. If you’re doing it yourself, you can apply different colored contact paper to liven up basic, boring umbrellas, or you can let your decorator know your tastes. Colorful decorations are ideal for Mehendi events.

Light It Up

Break out the fairy lights and hang them about draperies if your ceremony is inside, or around trees or plants if it is outside if it is set for the evening or at night. If utilized indoors, drape it with colorful curtains to create a pleasant atmosphere! sets the stage perfectly for beautiful photographs.

Fill It Up With Florals

A gorgeous decoration concept is a flower arch behind the bride’s seat. You can just not be obsessed with floral arches! They are such an elegant décor element, that one can’t resist having them at every wedding event. Custom-made arches are available, and hanging flower baskets can also add some flair. We think this is a really brilliant concept!

Use The Traditional Mehendi Colors

The Mehendi ceremony has always been a colorful fest, with shades of yellow, green and pink very prominent in the décor as well as the outfits. So, you can experiment with some outdoor-themed décor elements from your childhood, using these colorful hues. Kites with vibrant colors are wonderful decorative pieces. So are old earthen pots that may be painted to give them a fresh look. Add a hand fan, and it is like we have turned the clock back in time!

Curtain Of Flowers

A flower curtain sitting as the bride’s dining area’s backdrop is a common Mehendi decor element. Regular ornamental curtains can also be used to get a similar result. Lovely marigold strings alternating in yellow and orange shades can also be used for this décor style.

It Is All In The Little Things!

You can add tassels, lamps, wicker baskets, and other small details to your Mehendi room to give it a beautiful, boho vibe! Go back in time to your school day arts and crafts projects and get to work! If the event is being held in the evening or at night, add a few small diyas and watch your space come to life!

Girls Like To Swing!

The ideal seating arrangement for the Mehendi ceremony is a garden swing if you have one or can arrange for one. You can even use the same one for your wedding decorations. On the swing, you can place floral decorations.

So Camp!

Using a small teepee tent as the Mehendi location is a creative way to customize your Mehendi decor! Both the bride and the craftsmen are welcome to sit inside and relax in their own cocoons. It’s a clever approach to make more room. Especially at home, where you could find it difficult to find a suitable location for the bride. And it’s cool!

We hope you like these ideas! Reach out to us to execute your outdoor wedding decoration ideas to perfection!

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