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Flower Decoration For Birthday Parties

Flower Decoration For Birthday Parties

“Love speaks in flowers.”
― Leigh Bardugo


Make sure that the person whose birthday you’re celebrating feels all your love and warmth and sees around them the beauty of the world and their inner selves reflected with some fabulous flower decoration for birthday ideas given below.


You can have giant letter monograms of greetings or the person’s name or other phrases designed from or covered with bright and showy fresh or artificial flowers. These can be stuck to the backdrop or made to stand alone and would even make for cute props for pictures.


floral letter monograms
Image credit: Arena Flowers


Big and bright artificial flowers can be used to decorate the backdrop and add color to the theme.


paper flower birthday decor
Image credit: AliExpress


You can pick artificial flowers to totally blend in with the rest of the decor for the unification of the theme, such as the one below that gives cool and classy vibes.


artificial flower birthday backdrop
Image credit: Pinterest


Flower vases even made of plain glass, when combined with candles and filled in with radiant blossoms, make for elegant table centerpieces that will brighten up the mood of the occasion.


flower decor for tables
Image credit: Flowers shop in Dubai- flower bouquets


Turn your outdoor birthday party into a floral paradise with these flamboyant faux flowers in muted shades and balloons to match. Take the color coordination further bu choosing similar furniture, drapery and cutlery.


outdoor birthday flower decor
Image credit: Exporters India


Get creative with papercraft because the options for birthday decoration are countless. Paper rosettes in gorgeous color contrasts will liven up the simplest of venues.


paper roseattes decor
Image credit: leblogdurob


Flower bouquets are a traditional part of both decor and gifts. Try something different by having them customized for the birthday person by either shaping them in their initials or age or sticking in some cute and funky props and messages.


floral bouquet for birthday
Image credit: ifloristdelhi


A floral woodland theme would work well for birthday party decorations, especially when doing it outdoors. This works well with smaller venues as well. Add plenty of flora, some wooden structures such as a board or trellis and shroud it with florals.


woodland flower themed decor
Image credit: Print & Party


Soft and voluminous tissue flowers look amazing and can be easily incorporated into any kind of decor fore all types of venues.


artificial flower birthday decor
Image credit: Jooinn


Play with colors and create a theme with them. Soft and princessy or quirky and mysterious. A fun and bold choice is to blend in bright red to the classic black and white combination in the form of pomanders.


floral pomander decor
Image credit: Amazon

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