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Moving towards new-style decors and modern life set-ups, there is no less inspirations in the market. Moreover, we love to fetch you the latest and the most trending one. And in the same way we bring to you some staircase décor ideas that would surely elevate your wedding this season.

Before we move ahead with some elegant staircase décor ideas, let us look into why the staircase décor is important.

To begin with we all know that a staircase cannot be left ideal while we decorate the whole area of the venue. Therefore, it is our duty to decide the ways with which we can beautify the staircase, especially if that is used for the entry of the beautiful couple.

The décor of the stairs should be blended in with the other décor places and hence, chosen accordingly. For instance, use fairy lights, flower veils and some lamps at the foot of the stairs to make your stairs the center point of attraction.

staircase decor

Let’s through light on some of the enchanting ideas of decorating our stairs for the wedding.

An Elegant Floral Arrangement

Decorate your beautiful stairs with some floral arrangements, by concentrating on the hand rails you will get one elegant and gorgeous staircase set-up. Choose your flowers wisely, keep in mind the colour combinations of the stairs and flowers. And at the end, keep your wedding dress in mind too as all these things should be blend in well to get the perfect photographs and a well-appreciated décor.

A Fairy-Tale Decor

Taking inspirations from all those fairy-tales? Well, we have got you all covered with a mesmerizing décor. Cover the handrails in the charming pink blooms and place some candles in different shapes and sizes on the foot of the stairs. You will leave your guests in awe of the décor with a million-dollar fairy tale entry to your evening too.

red carpet decor

Bollywood Red-Carpet Drama

Are you a fan of those red-carpet events? We heard you and we bring to you a high-end set-up filled with all the drama and spotlights. The stairs are covered in red carpet with handrails getting a little touch of fairy lights and some real flowers. This pretty staircase décor idea is minimal in its own ways and highlights the beauty of the show.

Candles Accompanied By Rose Petals

You would wonder how does these two items- candles and rose petals can alone handle a staircase decoration? We highly recommend these two props for the stairs of your main wedding stage. As we all know that the stage will have its own heavy décor that will shine different, therefore we need to keep the stairs minimal and still noticeable. So, go ahead with some miniature candles that compliments the rose petals and spreads the importance of classical and elegant staircase décor.

A Dreamy White Staircase

If you are someone who loves a white décor, then stairs are the right place to use your whites. With a little foliage here and there and some antique lamps get your dreamy decked up white staircase décor. Moreover, it’s the elegance and the stand-out quality that this white décor will bring to your wedding that will be loved by all.

fairy set up

Get The Staircase Of Your Dream!

If you are planning to get a staircase décor then choose your favorite one from the above-mentioned ideas.

The staircase décor surely is a charm and everyone should get it done for their functions. You can add ribbons, flowers of your choice and lights to the decoration and different types of fabrics.

With this we would really like to know which one is your favorite to add it in your décor. Get your dream décor with us. Contact us for any of your bookings.

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