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Activities To Kick Off Your Wedding in Style

Activities To Kick Off Your Wedding in Style

What do you guys do at the beginning of your wedding? I mean, what marks its beginning? Is there a ceremony or something? The guests keep coming, the ceremonies keep going on, and there is no proper start to events. I guess this is what happens. 


What we are thinking is that why not have a kick-off show? A ceremony that will start your wedding in style. An activity that will mark the beginning of your wedding. Sounds exciting, right? The ideas are even more exciting, so let’s just begin!


Bursting The Balloons

This is one of the easiest ways to kick off your wedding. You do not need to have a lot of wedding props and extras, only balloons and a piece of equipment for bursting are required. In terms of creativity, there is a lot we can do. For example, we can match the theme or color of the wedding with the balloons. It would be even great if the balloons are printed with kick-off words such as ‘Party Begins’ or ‘Celebrations Begins’. Make sure the balloons are big and the text written on them is visible.


Ringing of Bells

Those having a good knowledge of cricket will get this reference super quick. Well, there is a tradition of ringing the bell in Lord’s Stadium for a cricket match. We are opting for the same thing. Right before the starting ceremony of your wedding, we will ring the bell. The thing we are doing here is that we are kicking off the wedding with the sound of the bells. Sounds more like a traditional ceremony!



We have seen many celebrities making entries with the help of pyros and explosions in concerts, award shows, movies, etc. Wait before you assume anything, let me tell you that here you are not going to make an entry with pyro or explosions, as it will then become an entry rather than a kick-off event. We will just create a spot and will get a lot of explosions, pyros, and sparkles over there. It’s like hosting a show of pyros and as soon as it ends, you can begin your ceremonies. 


The important thing is that we have to be very careful as the explosives will be there. Opt for very safe explosives and a proper team to execute the event and make sure there are proper safety arrangements and everything is done carefully.


The Falling Of Curtains

The very first thing you have to do is to get a very big kick-off poster. It can have the photo of the couple with lines like, ‘Wedding Begins’. Overall it should have the element of beginning. Try to get this poster at an elevated place. We would suggest you go with the backdrop of the stage. Cover the whole poster with curtains. The preparation is done! The only thing left for you is to start your wedding in style by removing the curtains.


Cake Cutting Ceremony

We have seen this ceremony during the wrap-up of the wedding i.e. at the end, but there is no issue in having cake at the beginning as well. Even if you are thinking that doing the same ceremony twice would look awful, do not worry we are here. We will kick off as well as wrap our wedding by cutting the cake. We will present this thing as a theme of the wedding. 


The cakes should be customized and they should reflect the ideas here. That is the most important thing. The beginning and the ending should be visible in the design of the cake. It can be done either by text or the overall design of the cake.


Wedding Toast

Sorry to all parents, we are adding one more responsibility to your shoulder. All you have to do is just say a few words for your children and then raise a toast, that’s it. After the arrival of all the guests, gather them in a hall. This will be like a kicking-off ceremony. Well, your guest can speak as well. See, it’s all about sharing emotions and excitement. Raise the wedding toast over there and let the party begins.



If you have more ideas, get them on your list and even if you don’t have them, do not worry we will be back soon with more such ideas. We at Melting Flowers aim to help you in every possible way when it comes to your big day. Whether it is floral decorations, wedding backdrop decorations, or mandap decorations, we have expertise in all these fields. We assure you of the best services and look forward to working with your guys.

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