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Flower Rangoli Designs For Your Wedding Venue

Flower Rangoli Designs For Your Wedding Venue

Getting your wedding décor right can be an excruciating task. You can easily drown in the same old décor that is spotted at Indian weddings for decades. If you are looking for a fresh and new element to add to your wedding venue, a beautiful flower rangoli is definitely the way to go!

While rangolis themselves are very colorful and vibrant, the fresh aura that flowers can provide to your rangolis is simply unmatched. Whether it is the entrance of the wedding venue or a quaint corner for each of your pre-wedding ceremonies. A floral rangoli will sort out your outdoor wedding decoration!

So, without any further ado, let’s go through some great and easy flower rangoli designs that will look great for your wedding festivities!

The Grand Entrance

With any floral rangoli, the most important aspect is neatness. You want your rangoli to look neat and in place. It simply doesn’t look good when it is messy. When you look for a floral rangoli for your wedding decorations, make sure you have a basic design in your mind. A simple entrance design usually has a simple flower design on the inside, and a background of a contrasting color for the borders.

You just need to pick a few colors that match well. You can even improvise the design with a touch of your creativity! Floral rangoli designs can be constructed on any base. You can also use big decorative vases as the base. You can use a cardboard circle that fits inside this vase and construct your rangoli on it. Decorate your entrance with multiple such vases to create an elegant entry way.

These flower rangolis will look great paired with drapes to make the wedding venue’s entrance truly grand!

The Floating Design

This design is very similar to the previous one. You need big golden tinted bowls for this design. The key essence of this rangoli is that it gives off a look that makes your flower petals feel like they are floating. This rangoli style needs a very basic design or pattern.

You need to be sure of what design you want for the rangoli, no matter how big you plan on creating it. Smaller flower petals give a fuller look, as compared to whole big flowers. Making a floating rangoli is usually harder than it looks because you won’t be able to create a boundary sketch at all. The flower petals won’t ever stay in line, no matter how hard you try!

For this rangoli style, you will have to start from the outside from the boundary and move towards the inside. This way, you will be able to create the design just as the reference you looked for! Since you need a lot of flowers for this design, get wholesale flowers at cheaper rates so it is economically fiscal to you!

The Traditional Type

Rangoli designs have a huge religious significance. You will spot them at any religious ceremony, so using a floral rangoli can really elevate the essence of your mandap. It is a great element to add to your mandap décor. Make sure you create a rangoli design in a place that does not have a lot of rush, so it doesn’t get stepped on.

Half rangoli designs look great for mandap decoration as the mandaps, especially in an open ground venue, are slightly elevated. These designs are also easier to recreate as their symmetry is simple. You can also create your own design from a simple inspiration. You can also place small diyas over the flower petals to give them a complete look.

Simple marigold flowers are traditional, and although basic, they look gorgeous! Marigold flowers also have a cultural significance and they symbolize happiness and new beginnings. So what better flower to use for your floral rangolis, right? These flowers also look great at the entrance of the house, for the newly wedded bride’s entry. Earthen diyas look great with this design, as they pair well with the rustic and traditional vibe!

The Design Bugs, Goa

Tiny Flower Wreaths

Deck up your terrace with some elegant and classy floral rangoli designs. This design is such a breath of fresh air if you are tired of the same drapes and fairy light décor. But these designs also look great when paired together with some light burlap drapes and strings of fairy lights. If you are not too fond of that idea, you can also place a diya at the center of each wreath. A tiny candle in a small glass also looks gorgeous with this design!

The tough task, while choosing flower decoration for wedding is selecting the flowers. Wholesale imported flowers look great, but indigenous flowers can come cheaper too. So, make your choice wisely!

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