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Event Stage Or Backdrop Decoration- An Influx Of Flowers!

Event Stage Or Backdrop Decoration- An Influx Of Flowers!

“In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends.”
― Okakura Kakuzo

Flowers sure are a constant in life. That also explains their abundant use in event decoration. They bring joy to the onlookers and make the ambiance more soothing and lively with their presence.


This stellar decoration will animate the plainest of wedding venues. The flower arrangement here is a kaleidoscope of colors. Used amply to adorn the backdrop, to outline the mirrors and to cover up the top and side drapes for wedding stage decoration, this one is bound to impress every one of your guests.


flower decoration for stage


This subtle but lovely decor works well for weddings, receptions as well as birthdays. The vines of flora surrounding the cake and placed atop the pale backdrop with fairy lights look enchanting.


stage and table flower decor


Flower vases can be transformed into mesmerizing decorations for any event. The tall vases here are covered with bright-colored fabric and interconnected with metallic or crystal chains. Make sure that the flowers used to fill them up are equally vibrant and draw attention with their contrast.


floral backdrop decor


This mandap stage gracing the outdoor venue looks incredibly gorgeous. The pastel-based flower decoration on top of pale drapes is classy and chic. The mellow lighting works wonderfully well with the colorful blooms and white flower garlands looped around the borders.


pastel flower decor


This suave backdrop uses only one kind of flower in a deep red color. The neat arrangement is just as attractive and looks radiant with the chandeliers and flower pots added to it.


flower stage decoration


This classy backdrop is given a trendy twist by covering the middle portion in flowers. They are an interesting relief in the white and gold theme of the decor.


floral wall and stage decor


This pretty backdrop is a faux wall covered in light-colored roses or hydrangeas that look resplendent when the tall light fixtures are placed in front of them.


floral backdrop outdoor decor



This mesmerizing reception stage decoration makes use of flowers in multiple ways, each of them absolutely beautiful. The central wreath has florals extending downwards and is accompanied by two smaller floral wreaths. Flower pots are placed along the backdrop. The front of the stage is lined with flower runners in the midst of which are placed metallic candelabras with bunches of blossoms on top.


floral canopy stage decor


This outdoor stage decor of white on white is understated and perfect for daytime ceremonies and events. The strings of white flowers with bits of leafy additions juxtaposed with white drape decor look chic.


outdoor stage decor


This charming wedding backdrop decorations is ideal for any nighttime event- a wedding or a cocktail party. It is essentially a wooden maze, the sections of which are filled in with flowers, crystal balls and metallic lantern-like structures that look exquisite together.


flower sections backdrop decor

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