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Stage Decoration For The Naming Ceremony

Stage Decoration For The Naming Ceremony

The gift of a new life from the Almighty is an occasion to celebrate, to share in the happiness with your dear ones and spread the joy. Make the naming ceremony of your little one a stellar event with these glorious naming ceremony decoration ideas for stages that will have all the attention focused on your baby.


Looking absolutely ethereal, this stage has as its highlight a dainty white cradle adorned with floral vines. The backdrop makes use of some classy drapes decoration and thick floral runners, all of which seem to be extending from a central halo from which a chandelier is also suspended.


floral and drapes stage decor for Naming Ceremony


The backdrop of this stage is a classic combination of drapes and plenty of flowers with the baby’s name gracing the center. The cradle is intricately adorned with blossoms and drapes and on both sides decorative lanterns and floral clusters are placed.


drape and flower decor for Naming Ceremony


Looking resplendent, this pretty setup designed by the best flower decorators is a lovely combination of pink and white. Cascading drapes and lush flowers make it appear very princessy, just what your baby girl deserves. A comfortable sofa is placed in the middle.


elegant naming stage decor for naming ceremony


Made to look cozy and angelic, the flower decor here is the key. The cradle is adorned with flowers and so is the backdrop. Besides the floral bunches, a faux tree is placed on one side. The baby’s name is displayed on a stand at one edge outlined with more fresh blooms.


naming ceremony flower arch decor


The brilliant combination of light florals against a crimson drapes background is eye-catching. A frame is placed which is decorated with a faux tree on one side and a floral bunch on the other. Sparkly crystal additions come out beautifully against the rich backdrop color. The wooden cradle is liberally covered in blossoms and the baby’s name is mounted on a stand on one side with flowers to match the decor.


naming ceremony floral stage decor


If the naming ceremony is being held at an outdoor venue, make use of canopies or open structures present there. Veiled in drapes at the top and on the sides, the place is lined with flowers. A cradle and the name display are also adorned with fresh blooms.


naming ceremony outdoor stage decor


The dome-like structure made here with flowers looks absolutely magnificent. Flower vines hanging from the top give it a charming appeal. The cradle and the front of the stage are also lined with flowers.


naming ceremony outdoor floral stage decor

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