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15 Best Photo Booth Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

15 Best Photo Booth Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

“We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
And time’s forever frozen still.”


These lyrics of Ed Sheeran’s Photograph resonate with most of us. Photographs are the beauty, happiness and warmth of a moment trapped like a butterfly in our very own garden. Set up a photo booth in your outdoor wedding venue to record your big day.


This heart-shaped wreath will make your garden wedding venue look like a floral paradise where pixies wander. The hanging props under the tree’s natural canopy and the ornate lanterns on the ground give it a quaint feel.


flower heart photobooth decoration


Rustic with a boho feel, this mesh of entwined flora with crystal ball suspensions makes for a gorgeous setting for your wedding pictures.


floral wreath photobooth decoration


Chic and classy, this setup comprises flower vases and potted plants arranged in a modern pattern in a wooden box structure.


bamboo structure photobooth decoration


A comfortable outdoor space for seating that doubles for a photo booth, this one has a simple green halo as the backdrop studded with bright blossoms. This setting allows for your guests to comfortably lounge about and mingle while clicking photos.


outdoor seating arrangement For mehndi


The traditional wedding colors yellow and red look vibrant and pristine in a mowed lawn. An elegant couch backed by colorful frames and drapes, this will fill your pictures with much cheer and exuberance.


vibrant portrait setting for photobooth


A solid faux green wall with a bicycle prop and colorful rotating fans stuck on the sides is a simple yet trendy setting to take pictures in an open space, preferably placed next to a pool.


wedding photobooth decoration


Like your new relationship brings joys into your life, let this bubbly photo booth bring the color and festive mood into your photographs. Fluorescent florals and ornate photo frames look breathtaking together, complete with a banner displaying the bride and groom’s names and a wedding hashtag.


colorful outdoor photo booth decoration


A dainty carriage laden with flowers placed in front of a plain wall with huge leaves pinned on it, this setting is classy, stately and cool to fit in with your varying moods and give you the best of all.


leafy photobooth decoration for wedding


The backdrop consists of soft, pastel-colored artificial flowers that is contrasted by the bold and eye-catching rickshaw adorned in marigolds. Pop off with a hint of drama for your wedding pictures.


eccentric photo booth


This simple yet attractive outdoor wedding decoration with lit up monograms of your initials or titles can double for a nice place for you and the guests to take pictures.


initial monograms photobooth


Another one using simple monograms of your initials placed randomly in the open area, this setting for photographs is fun, personalized and versatile. You can embellish the initials with light bulbs, fairy lights or natural flowers, whatever fits in with the rest of your marriage decorations.


initial monograms photobooth


Enchanting and placid-looking, this photo booth has drapes in the backdrop covered liberally with florals and photo frames dangling from the center, all in monochrome to match the soothing lighting.


hanging frames photobooth decoration


Ensure that each of your pictures vibes with your trendy self with this photo booth that requires minimum effort and space. A colossal specs-shaped structure covered in marigold garlands is all you need for photos that look just as fun as you’ve had on the day.


marigold structure photobooth


Floral patterns on the ground, an ornate signature standee and a decorated carriage make up this beautiful setting that doesn’t require a lot of space or a proper background and yet will contribute to stunning snapshots.


cycle as photo booth prop


Tap into your desi roots with this auto beautified with marigold runners. Add to the pictures some drama in a trendy and modern style of a typical Indian with this prop.


auto as photo booth prop



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