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10 Best Themed Photo Booth Ideas

10 Best Themed Photo Booth Ideas

Weddings are a celebration of love, a time for bonding with family and friends, a fun reunion. The beautiful moments deserve to be cherished just as well. Themed weddings are usually the contemporary way to go. Here are some ideas for photo booths to match with your Indian wedding decoration themes.


This outdoor venue theme is boho chic in the way it incorporates hanging photo frames and dream catchers from the ornate outer frame in the photo booth area. The cage and the floral additions along with the bicycle give it a mellow yet trendy feel. The setting gives off liberating vibes with much room for expression of creativity and imagination just like the natural garden space.


open venue photo booth decoration


For a pool-themed wedding venue, this simple lush moss green backdrop lined with colorful rotating discs is ideal to click pictures in front of. The prop cycle ups the fun quotient.


Green Photobooth decoration


This photo booth with soft drapes, suspended frames and flower decoration will fit seamlessly into a smoky, fairy tale themed Indian wedding. The monochromatic soft blue lighting is every bit enchanting will make each picture look like it’s straight from a wonderland.


fairy tale wedding photobooth


A triangular trellis with lanterns, candles, vases and flower vines is as eyegasmic as it gets for an artsy indoor wedding function. The embellishment is not just for clicking stunning photos but will itself be a cynosure as part of the marriage decorations, lighting up the place.


lit up trellis photobooth


Want something fun and quirky to fit in with a modern theme for an outdoor wedding? How about an Indian auto covered in blooms that doesn’t require a lot of space as well?


decorated auto as prop photobooth


For an elegant, princessy wedding theme, this pristine-looking backdrop is what you surely need! The intricately carved golden and bronze photo frames look stately while the paper florals add just the right amount of color to a classy indoor setting.


indoor photo booth bckdrop


With big flashy bulbs adorning the title monograms and fairy lights hanging overhead, this photo booth is essentially retro-themed and exudes cinematic vibes of the yesteryears. It is a stunning combination of nostalgic, dramatic and fun to capture beautiful memories.


retro lighting photobooth


A giant heart-shaped floral wreath under nature’s canopy lit up with lanterns, candles and pendent jars, this photo booth setting for a garden wedding is a midsummer night’s dream. Take memorable snaps and keep your fingers crossed and eyes open- a fairy might just wander into one of them.


flower heart photobooth


Listen to your desi Bollywood-loving heart and install this eye-catching filmy-themed backdrop for your wedding. Complete with bright bulbs and a carriage, you will definitely feel like a celebrity too!


bollywood theme photobooth


If you’re going for a tropical theme for the wedding decor and wish to keep the decor subtle yet unique, opt for this photo booth with a simple leafy backdrop, complete with a stylish carriage crowned with flowers to give you a Hawaiian theme.


leafy photobooth decoration

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