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Indian weddings are famous for being a family affair that will never make you feel left out. There is always a way of bringing everyone together but it is also about putting a perfect show for the cameras as well! Not to mention, nowadays wedding photo shoots are the most important thing out of the whole galore. People go out of their way to make every corner of the venue picture perfect but what about a place that is dedicated to photo shoots only? Sounds interesting right! This way your guests will also have another activity to do or it can also act as an icebreaker among them.


Be it a unique, out of the box setup or a simple yet modern photo booth, we have a lot in the bag to choose from. So keep reading further in order to get inspired and don’t forget to pin the ideas you like so you can use them as a reference in the future.


A whimsical caravan


Well! This is highly inspired by the weddings of the West and they are still pretty rare at an Indian wedding, so this is a green light to definitely go ahead with this idea as it is unique, unconventional and so much fun. Moreover you can decorate the van according to your decor which can be based on themes like rustic, bohemian, traditional Indian or other modern themes. Use lights and neon signs if the event is in the evening. You can also decorate it with leftover flowers and props.

If you want to make this theme more desi, you can go ahead with an auto rickshaw instead of a caravan as that also looks very cool.  The auto rickshaw can be adorned with marigold garlands and it can be parked against a well-lit colorful backdrop which will just make your pictures pop.


Aesthetic wreath backdrop


Add an elegant wreath of flowers in a corner with minimal seating arrangement and your guests will be attractive to it like bees are to a beehive. Use flowers like white and light pink roses and fill them with leaves and foliage. This will look absolutely divine and the pictures will turn out great. This kind of setup is more applicable for an afternoon wedding or function but you can also use it in the evening. Just add some fairy lights to it. The floor can be decorated with more props like flower pots, lanterns and candles.


Pampas grass really looks amazing and works great as filler. This setup is not only very easy to arrange but also eco friendly as minimal props are used. Hence, it sounds like a setup that is perfect in every sense.


Go traditional


Well! Classic themes never go out of fashion as old is gold. But here, you have the opportunity to go traditional. You can use a number of combinations of props to come out with a put together arrangement. But to give an idea you can use vintage foldable doors that are carved with intricate designs. Decorate it with flower bouquets and add some golden lanterns in order to add some shimmer here and there.

A nice rug can be used to cover the floor and you can sit on it while posing like a queen with your lehenga spread beautifully across the rug. Or add some modas and cushions for a minimal setting area. You can even hide some fun placards that can be used for posing for photographs.


Rajasthani touch


Quite a popular theme, anything Rajasthani just makes the whole vibe festive and fancy. For the photo booth, you can use those colorful and small umbrellas to create a fun backdrop. This can be perfect for your wedding photo shoot as well. The umbrellas look so vibrant you literally need no more props but if you want you can add some painted matkas or pots in order to mark boundaries.


Neon sign backdrop


Neon signs are very in right now and you can get them customized for the photo booth decor.  If your wedding decoration is mode on a modern side then this setup will definitely complete the whole vibe. Use a wall filled with foliage and lights as the backdrop and add the neon signs however you want. The sign can be anything from the couple’s initials to a name that people often refer the couple to.

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