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How To Choose The Best Place For Outdoor Wedding Decoration

How To Choose The Best Place For Outdoor Wedding Decoration


When it comes to deciding wedding venues, a lot of couples are moving from the traditional indoor venues to lavish and extravagant outdoor venues. Couples are becoming creative with the wedding decorations in sync with the venue in order to create a wedding design that is unique, personal and memorable.

Whether you want to have a beach wedding, a wonderland theme or just an exquisite flower decoration theme, there are options available for all kinds of outdoor wedding decorations. But before you decide the wedding decoration, it is important to select a venue that will complement your taste in design.


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Here are a few simple points on how to select the perfect outdoor wedding venue and then the perfect decoration.


  1. Consider The Limitations Of Your Area:

Before you actually go out to see the wedding venues, carefully consider the area/city you live in. does it have the hotels/beaches/parks/resorts/hills the way you would want for your wedding? If not what are the alternate resources that can help you find the perfect venue? Go through a list of possible venues in your area/city and shortlist the most significant ones before you make a trip down there. Garden Weddings in Bangalore are becoming extremely popular since they provide great space and great scope for beautiful outdoor wedding decorations.

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  1. Decide (And Stick To) The Number Of Invites:

Before you go hunting a venue, make sure you have a final list of the number of guests to be invited. Confirming the number of attendees is very important because most venues have a limited capacity for guests, which, if your list is big one can create space issues and ruin your day. Many venues provide maximum capacity numbers but make sure you get the ‘comfortable seating capacity’ numbers. Maximum capacity may also mean chairs being stacked on one another!


The Taj West End Hotel Bangalore

  1. Decide The Theme Of Your Wedding Decorations:

Wedding venues usually have their own décor in place, with regards to the interiors or the basic garden décor. When deciding the theme of your wedding decoration, choose a theme and colour palette that goes with the aesthetics of the venue rather than something completely out of the box. If you are firm on having a flower decoration, choose a venue that will complement the idea and add to the grace.


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  1. Hire Wedding Planners And Decorators To Do The Job For You:

Weddings can be exhausting and planning one on your own can at times, be killing. Hire a wedding planner who can do the job for you. Once you finalise the venue and give a brief of what exactly you want your wedding to be, they will do the rest. Planners have contacts and can efficiently get the work done without bothering you. Wedding decorators in Bangalore strive to give you the perfect wedding in your allotted budget.


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  1. Getting The Wedding Decorations Right:

The extent and kind of your wedding decorations largely on your budget. It the budget is tight, it is better to have simple and petite decorations that do not cost a fortune; like just a few table center pieces or flower decorations.

The venue of your wedding also influences your decoration. If the venue is a high standard hotel, it usually comes with its own decked up interiors. In this case it is better to have simple decorations. In case of outdoor venues, the set up completely depends on the type of venue where you can go over board with the outdoor decorations.


The Tamarind Tree - Bangalore

You can merge different elements together by using a specific colour scheme or material. Garden weddings in Bangalore are giving major decoration goals to couples, recently. Also, a lot of wedding decorations in Bangalore will give you ideas for the wedding of your dreams in your desired budget.


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