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Some Intricate Wedding Décor Details that You Cannot Miss!

Some Intricate Wedding Décor Details that You Cannot Miss!

Traditional Indian wedding décor appears to be invincible and exquisite from the outside. The minute details, on the other hand, are extremely delicate and require a great deal of rigorous planning and arranging before they can come to perfection as seen by the guests.

It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of wedding planning and overlook some important details that could take your wedding décor to the next level. We’ve compiled a list of a handful of these touches that are absolute must-haves for your wedding decor.

These are our best picks, so have a look at them and see if they spark any ideas for adding some extra flair to your wedding décor.

Sign Boards

The wedding décor will undoubtedly be the first thing your guests notice when they enter your wedding venue or any of the venues for your wedding functions. Signboards have always been a big feature in weddings, and they’re usually placed near the entrance. The ‘bride’s name‘ weds the ‘groom’s name‘ is characteristic signage on traditional signboards. However, millennial couples nowadays find it to be so out of date.

These days, engaged couples seek something unique for their wedding décor, which also includes signs. Adding a personal touch is now preferred. So, personal heartfelt words, illustrations, quirky and hilarious texts, and hashtags are all welcome signboard trends. Couples may also choose to have multiple signboards for each wedding function to keep the wedding’s unique theme.


Drapes are a somber choice for every wedding. They are one of the most cost-effective wedding accent elements because they are inexpensive and simple to assemble. They are a fantastic minimal decoration for any wedding, whether it’s a large, lavish occasion or a small, personal gathering.

You can obtain the same tinted drapes for the entire venue if you have a pastel themed wedding or a certain wedding color. You can also choose to mix and match colors to match the wedding’s overall color scheme. If you are looking for a more quirky option, you can also choose multi colored drapes. Multicolored draperies are ideal for covering an outdoor gazebo or pergola for a modest Haldi ceremony, as they give a carnival theme to the event.

Fairy Lights

Without great lighting to illuminate the entire atmosphere, no wedding is complete. Fairy lights are a simple yet stunning outdoor wedding decoration feature. Use them in a variety of ways, including hanging them from trees for an outdoor wedding or as recessed lighting. By combining them with draperies, they can also create a ‘curtain of lighting’ in the foyer.

Mason Jars

Although Mason jars are simply little jars, their unique usage at weddings is commendable. This is another great lighting option for the wedding venue. Mason jars are a terrific alternative to the old lanterns with the same designs if you’re tired of them. They are nearly identical in shape and style, so dangling them from ceilings is also a viable alternative. They have a lovely appearance and are likely to brighten up any wedding reception.

Swing Set

A swing set, also known as a jhoola, is not usually there at every wedding, but it is a fun alternative to the traditional seating arrangements for the bride and groom. If you’re hosting your wedding reception outside, you should consider a jhoola! They’re most commonly seen at Haldi or Mehendi ceremonies, but you can always reuse one and tweak the décor before putting it up on the stage for your wedding stage decoration!

Other Smaller Details

Smaller accent items can be used to draw attention to the backdrops of all of your wedding events. For the Haldi ceremony, small colorful tassels would look lovely draped over a set of draperies or a floral backdrop. Little dreamcatchers can be hung from a pergola during an open outdoors Mehendi ceremony. LED signage, chandeliers, floral wedding arches, photo booths, and other unique and fantastic ideas can all be terrific additions to your wedding décor. These tiny details help you elevate the ambience of your wedding greatly!

These tiny changes are inexpensive and may significantly improve the quality of your wedding. If you’ve decided on some unusual wedding decorations, get in touch with us to see them come to life!

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