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Photo Booth And Backdrop Ideas For Birthdays

Photo Booth And Backdrop Ideas For Birthdays

Birthdays are meant to mingle with your dear ones and celebrate the joyful existence that earthly life is and to be grateful for the presence of those around us. It is only logical, therefore, to want to cherish these good times for years and years. Pictures help us preserve these beautiful moments. So make your birthday pics beautiful with these ideas.


For a quiet and pleasant garden party, this photo booth decorated with signs, flowers, balloons and fairy lights hung on a wooden backdrop will fit right in to give you the most magical setting for your pictures.


outdoor wooden backdrop
Image credit: quotemykaam


Polaroid-shaped photo booths are all the rage and very easy to instal as well. They can be framed with plenty of flora to match the outdoor decor or with balloon wreaths to coordinate with the indoor birthday party decorations.



You can do so much with balloons! They are already a major part of bday decoration, so why not include them in the backdrops for your photos as well? Go super elegant with white and golden balloons or hang them up with florals and big leaves upon a trellis for tropical feels.



These beautiful and sparkling backdrops can be created either with gauzy drapes and fairy lights or with shimmery streamers. Add some balloons, banners, and giant monograms to match.



Here are some easy ways you can even DIY a gorgeous setting to take memorable pictures in. Use colorful papercraft fans, pomanders, etc. and hang them by the window or hang up some big balloons in monochromes (or color) and tie them with silver or gold streamers.



Flower decoration for birthday like this faux wall adorned with ample pastel blooms can also double as backdrops for photographs.



floral wall backdrop
Image credit: Amazon


These photo backdrops will fit in seamlessly with your classy indoor decor. Plain white drapes can be adorned with faux cherry blossom trees or a wooden frame with hydrangeas. They look truly ethereal.


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