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Entrance Decor That Is Designed To Impress

Entrance Decor That Is Designed To Impress

Entrances are what make the first impression on every onlooker and set the mood initially for the occasion, be it marriage decoration or for any other event. Wow your guests with the most stunning event decor for entrances to the venue, banquet hall entrances, main gates, pathway and arbors, etc.


These lighter decorations can be used for inner entrances, for the beginnings of pathways and arbors. The first one is a floral arch design made with marigolds in a simple yet elegant mesh pattern and is well suited for outdoor venues. the second one is also a sober decor with backdrops of intricately designed discs on both sides.



With folded paper discs and the traditionally popular fans, this bright and quirky setup brings with it a hint of nostalgia of childhood days and is a creative decor to try out.


colorful entrance decoration


Rustic flower decoration done with various kinds of flower garlands in beautiful color contrasts will never fail you. The conventional wedding decoration can be molded and experimented with as per need and taste. It is designed light to go with the glass door entrance and sleek interior.


flower garland decoration for wedding


With simple drapes tied on one side and a thick floral outline on the other, this minimal entrance decor is classy. A scintillating backdrop consisting of flowers and string lights is placed on the side for pictures. It makes the place glow, balancing the light decor around the entry.


Wedding Hall Entrance Decoration


Abundant floral festoons have been used in bicolored marigolds to adorn the double doors of this entrance to the wedding venue. Hung in fabulous loops, this traditional decor looks beautiful.


Wedding Hall Entrance Decoration



Greetings to the guests from both the families of the marrying couple adorned prettily with flowers are a thoughtful way of decorating the entrance, complete with string lights on the sides and a fixture of lush florals on top with protruding flower vines.


Banquet Hall Entrance Decoration


Rustic yet enticing, floral arches are the way to go for any kind of entrance decoration, especially if the interior of the venue is already ornate and majestic-looking.


floral arch decoration for wedding


With gauzy drapes and marigold flower garlands wound around the doorway and dangling from the sides and decorative parasols adorning this entrance, it is perfectly ready to welcome your guests.


flower garland decoration


Translucent white drapes tied to white pillars and topped with a gorgeous floral arch make this elegant and sleek hall entrance decor, with the addition of big flower vases.


Flower Drapes Decoration For Entrance

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