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Elegant Ring Ceremony Decoration Ideas

Elegant Ring Ceremony Decoration Ideas

The engagement or ring ceremony is the first public event that signals the blooming of a new relationship and gets everyone in the mood for celebration. It is here that the proclamation of this new chapter in the couple’s life is made and the joy is shared with family and friends. 

Ring ceremony decoration is customarily kept light and sober to leave the grandeur for the big day. Wedding decoration for the occasion must be tasteful and integral to setting the mood for the occasion.


Pivotal as the wedding stage decoration is, remember to not make it crowded. The key is to go with just a few base elements that go together harmoniously. Look at the following layouts that make good use of the interior of the hall venue either by matching the color scheme or by creating a contrast. While the first is a timeless classic in its gorgeous pastels, the second one adds a twist to conventional decor in a flamboyant display of rich golden and blue hues. Use fancy lighting to your benefit, be it in the form of stylish chandeliers or string lights.



Structured like a ring itself, isn’t this the ideal stage decor for the ring ceremony of your dreams? It makes stellar use of flower decoration by combining intricate floral runners lining the structure with leafy vines adorning the plain drape backdrop. The stage really is a breathtaking vision coming to life.


floral ring decor


A grand entry is a must, yes, but a grand entrance is just as impressive to have your guests oohing and aahing when they get to the venue. You can go the floral way and create a riveting setup with a lovely contrast of white and blue fresh blooms or you can opt for this splendid crystal decoration, complete with candles and flower petals for a soft, romantic look. The former works well for a daytime event while the latter is all set to light up your night.



If the wedding aesthetic of your choice is bohemian or a quaint garden party ambiance is what you’re going for, this stunning wedding decor keeps it light while bringing the stars to your feet. The string lights are tasteful and mesmerizing against the verdant backdrop and the artificial tree arrangement with flowers and birdcages add a creative, DIY appeal to the place.

For an indoor venue, these dreamy floral arches are a great way to stylishly decorate corridors. The hanging adornments are an added charm.



Thoughts on extended entrance decorations? As for us, we think they absolutely embody the spirit of a big fat Indian wedding. What’s more! They aren’t cluttered with too many components. Appropriate lighting, drapes to match, fresh blossoms and ornate hanging frames go great together and can be molded to suit the location.


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