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Stage Backdrop Decoration For Events

Stage Backdrop Decoration For Events

Be it a wedding, your kid’s naming ceremony or any other event, the stage is quite obviously the most special part of the event decor where the spotlight is continuously trained at. Make it appear so that none of your guests can take their eyes away from it throughout the function or ceremony with these ideas.


This sharp and clean backdrop for an outdoor setting is made by sticking various kinds of leaves on a plain white background. Quite effortless, it stands out and allows space for experimenting.


leaf backdrop decor


Color your venue pretty with this bright pop of a backdrop made of paper-folded discs. The same can be hung overhead along with a bunch of string lights to complete the decor.


colorful backdrop decor


A traditional-looking backdrop made by yellow and orange marigolds and strings of jasmine flowers will never fail you. Arranged in a beautiful pattern against a golden or orange drape backdrop, it looks simple yet gorgeous. Complete the setup with additions of bells and diya stands.


traditional flower backdrop decor


Here is a scintillating setup that will have all eyes drawn to it instantly. A gauzy drape backdrop is lit from behind with string lights and adorned on the front with colorful hanging embellishments, birdcages, and faux trees on both sides.


flower and lights decor


This rustic and elegant mandap decoration comprises a backdrop made of shiny drapes in the center of which a grid is placed. The pillars of the mandap are veiled in long floral strings and the top is beautifully adorned with a stellar combination of red and white flower decoration.


flower garland mandap decor


This picturesque wedding stage decoration is a combination of bluish green drapes lined with marigold flowers against a dull orange backdrop. Strings of tassels are hung up from one side to the other and in the center is an oval floral structure framing the seat.


drapes and floral stage decor


This riveting decoration is quite unique. The backdrop is a plain white drape. A liberally adorned floral wreath is placed over the seat from which dainty strings of florals extend right up to the floor like a cascading veil, looking dreamy indeed. The serene blue lighting adds to the calming ambiance.


drapes and flower decoration


The flower decoration here along with the cool lighting steals the show. The backdrop is covered in blossoms in front of which a giant floral ring is placed with floral extensions on top. The monochrome effect makes it quite surreal to look at.


elegant floral stage decor

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