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Themes for Mehendi and Sangeet Decorations

Themes for Mehendi and Sangeet Decorations

The mehendi ceremony is the most fun because you can get as experimental as you want, when it comes to the theme decor or even the food. You really don’t have to care about being traditional as it’s mostly about enjoying with your friends and dancing your heart out on the dance floor. But a balanced theme keeping in mind the conventional decor ideas can always be implemented.  As I mentioned earlier, don’t take the decor too seriously as mehendi ceremonies have a relaxed vibe but if you have a particular theme, just go for it! Even if it is way too niche.


Holi hai


Mehendi decors have always been about the color yellow but why not incorporate a whole bunch of bright colors so that it looks like a holi party. And we all know how fun and exciting a holi party decor looks. It is definitely going to ease your friends and family and put them in party mode. I will advise you to only make the decor colorful and not actually play holi unless all your guests agree to the plan because you don’t want to ruin anybody’s outfit and most importantly yours.

But if playing holi sounds like a really fun activity- add it towards the end of the ceremony and make arrangements for extra clothing and toiletries.




A bohemian theme is not only classy but chic at the same time. It is one of the most simple and popular themes that you can incorporate in the decor. All you need is a ton of white lace dream catchers, heavy off white rugs, colorful modas and some white flower bouquets. To make it even more Bohemian adds a whole lot a pampas grass may be as a table centerpiece or for the entrance. Also if you want to add a tinge of color, add light colored flowers here and there. A giant swing and a backdrop adorned with jute mats and more bohemian wall hangings would make for a great photo shoot spot.


Orange is the new black


Well! It’s a known fact that marigolds dominate the Indian wedding scene but due to the introduction of new imported flowers, marigolds are a bit forgotten. Still if you believe in old school decorations, you can go crazy with this bright, long lasting flower that is just perfect for an outdoor event. It adds freshness and many props can be made out of it, like hanging garlands, curtains or wreaths. They compliment the yellow theme of the haldi ceremony and are easily available at affordable prices too.


The orange and yellow hues can also be painted with bright pink furniture and upholstery. Many brides prefer marigolds for their jewelry as well.

Moroccan Nights

This is yet another way of adding color and character to the mehendi ceremony.  Moroccan nights theme also opens the door for fun activities like Arabian belly dancing, Moroccan cuisine inspired menu, table setup and invitation cards. You have to include props like lanterns with intricate and traditional designs, scented candles, embroidered cushions and curtains, printed colorful backdrops and disco lights. These props can also be used for any other theme wedding decorations as well. For the dining area, set up camps that are well lit and make them cozy with loads of Moroccan rugs and cushions. Magenta pink and royal purple with a hint of sky blue will be a perfect color palette for the theme.


Don’t forget to add a hookah bar that can be decorated by silver lanterns and mirrors.


Parisian charm


Well! This theme is inspired by the amazing bridal shower in the movie ‘Bridesmaids’. Do watch the movie if you are looking for some serious inspiration. Not to mention, this theme purely aims at giving your guests- the classy Parisian experience that they deserve.  You will be able to give a Paris tour to your friends and family at a very minimal price and that too from anywhere you want. The whole theme can be designed around baby pink and white tones in order to capture a glimpse of Paris.


You can also look for a venue that has a bit of French architecture so it complements the decoration. Get customized small Eiffel towers for a great return gift. Don’t forget to set up an elegant sweet table featuring French patisserie and desserts.


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