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Delightfully Colorful Pre-Wedding Decorations

Delightfully Colorful Pre-Wedding Decorations

An Indian wedding isn’t an event you can wrap up in a day. The ceremonies can easily extend up to a week or even more at times, and the preparations begin several months in advance to cater to the grandiose celebration. While people certainly tend to go out on the big wedding day, the pre-wedding functions each have a special significance too and cannot be overlooked. Wedding decoration also varies accordingly to cater to these events and the popular aesthetics associated with them. Let us see some bright and cheerful wedding decoration ideas for these generally intimate occasions that are meant for fun with family and friends.


The combination of sparkly adornments and lush marigold flowers is used to create some spectacular entrance decoration for this indoor venue.


indoor entrance decoration


The similar decor as above can very well be used to liven up an outdoor wedding venue as well. The vibrant colors bloom out delightfully against the soothing greens.

vibrant entrance decoration


We’ve surely gathered by now that red and yellow are the quintessential colors for events like mehndi and haldi. liberally used in the attire and decor. So, this gorgeous mesh of exuberant yellow marigolds and the brilliant red pomanders are just perfect for the occasion.


marigold walk way decoration


With more pastel and neutral tones, this subtle yet attractive stage backdrop decor looks very classy. The flower decoration that covers the faux wall and forms an arch up front is variedly textured with a host of florals that exude an understated beauty for a calmer, contemporary look.


floral backdrop decorations


The generic drapes and flower garland decoration here is given a creative twist with the use of colorful kites. This simple but imaginative addition complements the sleek modern interior of the place and also brightens it up.


kites decoration


A riveting blend of traditional and modern elements, this twinkling backdrop combines fairy lights, birdcages and terracotta adornments which, when juxtaposed with the dark draped background, it comes out as especially vibrant.


drapes backdrop decoration


The checkered backdrop decoration and the colorful tassels resonate with the desi spirit of a wedding celebration that is full of fun and enjoyment with the near and dear ones. Add dollops of color to your marriage decoration with such stages.


checkered backdrop decoration

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