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Sunshine Themed Decor For Outdoor Wedding Venues

Sunshine Themed Decor For Outdoor Wedding Venues

With the ever-increasing popularity of open wedding venues, there is a need for vibrant wedding decor that can lend feelings of zest and cheer to the place amid the lush green flora. Sunny tones of yellow and orange brighten up the ambiance and blend in with the traditional wedding decoration. Done creatively, these displays can come up as a mesmerizing harmony of conventional Indian wedding colors and current trends. Let’s look at a few ways to liven up the occasion with the sunshine color palette.


A plain orange backdrop goes well with light flower and crystal decoration. The colors provide a lovely, not too jarring or loud, contrast and look beautiful in the open stage arrangement.


orange backdrop decor


This simple, quirky photo booth setup will draw the attention of your guests with its delightfully gorgeous adornment of yellow flowers.


marigold photo booth decor


The lovely combination of yellow drapes and soft flower decoration brings spring right into your wedding venue. This mandap decor is alluring with its combination of white floral garlands outlining the drapes and an array of colorful blossoms on the periphery.


yellow drapes mandap decor


Rustic floral decor in yellow and orange in the form of string adornments works well to adorn pathways.


floral pathway decor


This artistic arrangement of metallic pots and a rickshaw is given a bright appearance so as to make it fit into the outdoor venue by adorning it with alluring yellow flowers. It can work as a photo booth as well.


marigold decoration


Yellow and orange marigolds are the quintessential Indian wedding blooms that are used liberally in this mandap decoration along with a canopy made of drapes to create a traditional setup that stands out in the surroundings.


traditional floral mandap decor


White and yellow drapes can be used for some minimal decoration that looks classy. With shimmering adornments of sequins and tassels, it can be molded into being wedding-ready.


drapes tent decor


For some lighter, more contemporary marriage decoration, you can try gauzy drapes in shades like lemon yellow. They can be combined with flowers and greens accordingly for riveting mandap and stage decor.


outdoor mandap decor

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