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Scenic Outdoor Mandap Stage And Backdrop Decor

Scenic Outdoor Mandap Stage And Backdrop Decor

With the ever-increasing popularity of outdoor wedding venues, the swelling, rolling, cascading flora that gives a sense of peace and comfort that comes when in the lap of nature, the need for appropriate wedding decor that really stands out in the sea of green without looking jarring is apparent. We bring to you these glorious, lavish ideas for wedding stage decoration, rustic and flamboyant, however you might desire them to be.


There is a harmonious balance achieved here with the pink and white drapes, pastel flowers cushioned by greens and the intricately engraved golden frames on both sides of the stage backdrop which makes it look very classy.


elegant mandap stage decoration


With ostentatious gold detailing of the pillars and canopy and the array of floral festoons including marigold and jasmine, this seems like a quintessential traditional mandap decoration that is delicately gorgeous and comes out as especially bright against the greenery of the venue.


traditional floral mandap decoration


This conical stage canopy is lined thickly with petite blooms in lively colors. Rustic yet unique, the minimal marriage decor makes it appear even more stylish.


conical wedding stage decoration


A breathtaking combination of red and white flowers has been used to shape this mandap. The dainty strings of jasmine glimmer like pearls and add a lustrous feel to the setup without being overwhelmingly blingy or opulent. Flower decoration has wholly replaced what could have been chandeliers and crystal adornments and is indeed a fresh take on the typical decor.


bold floral mandap decorataion


Simplicity holds much charm. The serene, lush green venue demands equally soothing decoration. The gossamer drapes used here with sober floral outlining do justice to the tranquil ambiance.


rustic open mandap decoration


Vibrant yellow drapes of this mandap are adorned with flowers and showy leaves, more of which are also stuck to the white backdrop. The eclectic arrangement makes use of hanging adornments and pendant strings of jasmine and lotus to balance out the fiery drapes and marigold. Extended up to the stairs, this wedding decoration is bound to capture attention.


vibrant mandap stage decoration


Softly twinkling drapes are adorned with thick pink floral runners for this mandap. With dainty chandeliers, the warm glow this setup emanates looks especially lovely against the dull green background of the venue.


radiant outdoor mandap decoration

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