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Mandap And Stage Decorations That Are Floral Masterpieces

Mandap And Stage Decorations That Are Floral Masterpieces


“Silently a flower blooms,
In silence it falls away;
Yet here now, at this moment, at this place,
The world of the flower, the whole of
the world is blooming.
This is the talk of the flower, the truth
of the blossom:
The glory of eternal life is fully shining here.”
-Zenkei Shibayama 


Much has been said about the beauty of flowers, the kind that inspires, soothes, titillates and invigorates. These colored blooms are universal tokens of emotions and sentiments. No surprise then that they are liberally used in weddings around the world and are an inextricable part of the bride’s trousseau, the ceremonies and the wedding decorations. With the best flower decorators in town at your service, you can have the most enticing mandap and stage decorations for your big day, adorned with a plethora of traditional and international blooms that will capture the attention as well as the hearts of every onlooker and leave a lasting impression to ensure that the day is well-remembered.


This gorgeous display in pink is a fancy arrangement of soft florals, drapes and shimmery adornments over an intricately patterned base that surrounds the stage. Well in tune with the interior of the venue, it is softly lit with pretty chandeliers and looks elegant.


wedding stage decorations


Though an amalgamation of traditional marigolds, this mandap stage makes creative use of the flowers along with fulgent drapes for both the mandap as well as the backdrop decoration such that it looks very classy.


mellow mandap decoration


With liberal flower decoration and crystal adornments in a pale bluish pink color scheme, this stage is enough to have anyone enraptured.


reception Stage decorations


A bright and refreshing combination of green and white makes this mandap stage fit right in with the verdant surroundings. Both the backdrop and the canopy are studded with showy white blooms and greens.


outdoor mandap decoration


The classic combination of red and white will never fail you. With a floral ring on top and cascading drapes all around it, this rustic stage is just right for your indoor venue.


floral ring mandap decoration


This eclectic mandap decor is quite obviously a show-stealer. With the soft drapes lined with various flowers and greens in alluring frilly textures, a beautiful balance is created with the more traditional elements like the metallic embellishments and the sparkling backdrop.


pastel mandap decoration


This spectacular mandap is designed wholly with flowers. The structure is a brilliant shade of red while the dainty white blooms act as dazzling adornments all around and substitute the chandelier in the center. This artistic display proves how florals are enough on their own to complete your wedding decoration and liven up the occasion.


bold floral mandap decoration


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