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Best Of Mandap Decoration With Drapes

Best Of Mandap Decoration With Drapes


As the pivotal point of any Indian wedding decoration, the mandap demands utmost care and creativity to make it such that it successfully captures the eyes of the onlookers. As the bride and groom take their vows for a lifetime together under this sacred space, it is imperative that the mandap display be special. Drapes decoration is a versatile and budget-friendly way to adorn mandap stages, as you can see here with some of the most stunning setups.


Absolutely perfect for the open venue, this mandap with white drapes and liberal marigold decoration in a variety of colors simultaneously fits in with the rustic green setting and stands out against the green background with its fresh, light color palette.


white drapes mandap decor


The traditional combination of red and yellow drapes is given a modern twist here with a delightful and varied choice of flora used in the adornment. The silhouette of Lord Ganesha pops out against the yellow backdrop, and so do the array of flowers on top with intriguing textures.


mellow mandap decor


This circular mandap decoration is both classy and eye-catching with the soft drapes and mesmerizing red flower adornments outlining the top.


circular mandap decor


This mandap is a gorgeous sight to behold with translucent red drapes and a host of flowers, chiefly lush roses in various hues and baby’s breath.


red drape mandap decor


The drapes here are in vibrant contrast which pop out against the elegant interior of the venue. The choice of flowers is also such that it complements the decor with a riveting blend of pastel and crimson blooms.


circular draped mandap decor


Gauzy drapes with a metallic sheen are a refreshing choice for this open mandap, adorned with clusters of dainty florals and metallic pots stacked on top of each other. Metallics are very much in trend and this is a great way to spruce up your traditional setup.


open mandap decor


Light, textured drapes in a subdued, neutral color scheme are a great substitute for the regular ones and add an element of excitement to the marriage decoration. In complete contrast are the florals on top and clusters of white and yellow ones on the sides that exude fun and effervescence. This creative combination is sure to make for some unique decor for your outdoor wedding venue.


gauzy drape mandap decor

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