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Canopy Decor Ideas For Perfect Mehndi And Sangeet Charm

Canopy Decor Ideas For Perfect Mehndi And Sangeet Charm

Mehndi and sangeet functions are no longer simple and limited to your home. They are celebrated with all the pomp and show now-a-days. These functions are really precious moments as these days are the last days the bride and groom separately spend with their respective families, friends and cousins. You can create some fun moments as well as great memories and in order to do that we make such events fruitful with our colourful decor ideas.

Having a beautiful décor means having the best photos to look back to over the years to come. Bright decorations, floral jhoola set ups and well-decorated photo booths are a trend these days. Therefore, if you are in doubt of what decorations you should do in your mehndi and sangeet then canopy décor ideas are listed down below for your functions. We are sure you will love all of them, hence go ahead and give it a read!

mehndi decor

Floral Canopy For A Mehndi Function

The pretty floral canopy is an ideal set up for your mehndi functions. If you are planning to make this function an indoor one with close friends and family then this is the perfect canopy to add to your decoration. Also, the floral canopy can be given a beautiful flow from top to bottom and this floral canopy can be contrasted with the bride and groom’s outfit.

The Grand Canopy-Full Of Genda Phool

If you are planning your functions in the big outdoor space then this grand canopy is an ideal choice for your setup. You can use colourful and peppy props to highlight your décor in the bright sunlight. With that the overdose of marigold will only make things better. Keep the outdoor décor minimal yet chic and the nature will do the rest!

Full Of Colours Decor For An Open Space

If we talk about Indian wedding functions and don’t add colors to it then it is as plain as a dal-chawal. So here we bring to you a decoration set up that will surely compliment a chirpy bride. Nothing other than such colorful and bright set up will give you an eye-catching photo in an event. So don’t even think ones if you are someone who loves colors.

outdoor decor

An Evening By The Pool

Events by the pool are such a trend in an Indian wedding that we can’t stop ourselves from creating some outgoing lavish decors by the pool. You can be inspired by the destination wedding decors. The most trending is the floating stage setup on the pool, decorating it with fairy lights and some flowers. And don’t you worry for finding a pool if your venue is hotels and resorts as most of them offer theirs for such functions.

Indian Baithaks For Your Sangeet Event

If you are someone who enjoys the old style Indian baithaks for their sangeet functions then you are at the right place. The Indian baithaks are such an amazing style for your sangeet function as all your friends can gather around you to sing the 90’s wedding songs. Baithaks are comfortable as well for applying henna and for all the singing and dholaks that your family and friends want to enjoy.

baithak decor
baithak decor

The Final Takeaways!

Mehndi decors and sangeet get-togethers are taking the wedding décor scene by storm. Now-a-days arranging these wedding decors is quite simpler as there are many props available easily in the market. If you are looking for some small and intimate gathering then home is your best venue. And with us being around you don’t need to worry for that sofa or for the lighting or anything. We deliver you the best and only settle for awesome decors. So, don’t forget to contact us, the next time you want to plan an elegant décor.

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