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Enchanting Outdoor Mandap Decorations

Enchanting Outdoor Mandap Decorations

Tying the knot surrounded by soothing flora in an outdoor wedding venue? Open venues are much sought after of late, the desire to be wedded in a spacious, verdant place framed by nature itself being popular among couples. From neatly manicured lawns to prettily landscaped gardens and sheltered cottages, there are a host of different kinds of such venues to choose from depending upon your budget and size of the gathering. An important thing to pay heed to is molding the wedding decoration accordingly to harmonize with the greenery and also appear vibrant amidst the spread-out flora. Let’s have a look at few spectacular mandap displays made to fit in perfectly for your outdoor wedding decor.


This elaborate setup makes use of plenty of traditional blooms like lotus and marigold, but the arrangement is quite unique and contemporary-looking. The light backdrop and the gauzy drapes look nice with the florals and the wooden frame of the mandap.


open mandap floral decoration


For a beautiful garden venue such as this, a rustic setup with minimal adornments of white blooms is enough. The supporting columns have kalash placed in them which lends a nice traditional touch to the decor.


rustic mandap decoration


The conventional combination of bright drapes and flower decoration manages to stand out even in its simplicity. The choice of colors makes the mandap look radiant.


yellow drape mandap decoration


This pristine mandap decoration in all white is made alluring with the help of various floral embellishments– the ones outlining the top, those hanging from the canopy along with shimmering metallic balls, the riveting white and red floral pomanders in the background and bunches of bright pink flowers placed around the setup.


white drapes mandap decoration


The red drapes decoration utilized in the mandap matches the decor of the surroundings. This fiery color only needs little adorning which is done with dainty blooms.


red drapes mandap decoration


This gorgeous display of traditional Indian wedding decoration elements is quite attention-grabbing. The backdrop is lined with strings of marigolds while the mandap structure is shrouded in coconuts and an array of florals.


traditional mandap decoration


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