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Types Of Wedding Stage Decoration And Its Growing Popularity

Types Of Wedding Stage Decoration And Its Growing Popularity

Wedding stage decoration holds an immense importance as it is the most sacred place where the bride and groom exchange their wedding vows. It is also popularly known as Mandap in Indian marriage ceremonies. In early days, mandap decoration was done based on traditional beliefs and rituals. However, in today’s age, it is decorated in different ways according to individual preferences.


So, if your wedding is on cards, it is the right time for you to hire a reputed company for wedding stage decoration Bangalore. However, if you think why stage decoration is an important aspect of a wedding ceremony, well, it should be in your knowledge that the main reason behind decorating a wedding stage is to make the wedding memorable for a lifetime.


reception stage decoration


Wedding stage or reception stage decoration is done in various ways according to different religion and themes. While some couples prefer to décor it in a traditional way, others go with modern design and concepts to cherish the memories forever. With the growing popularity of stage decorations, wedding decorator or agencies in Bangalore are coming up with various decoration ideas to make your big a grand wedding ceremony.


What are the different types of wedding stage decoration ideas?

Reception stage decoration is done in three different ways following –

  • Traditional style

People living outside of India prefer to go with traditional marriage decoration as it creates a unique aura of homeliness. There are different types traditional pops are used in decorating the stage such as

  • Diyas
  • Candles
  • Colorful lamps
  • Colourful drapes
  • Rangoli
  • Flowers
  • Contemporary style

In today’s age, most stage decorations include a contemporary style with sound systems and amplified lights. These may include glittering stars, colourful balloons, and disco balls.


  • Theme based wedding

Theme wedding decorations is a modern concept which is getting popularity in today’s age. It is one of the most popular stage decoration concepts. In a thematic wedding, the entire venue is decorated following a specific theme starting from matching fabric for chairs and tables, matching flowers to various other details. Even the wedding cake is presented according to theme based decoration of the venue.

wedding backdrop decoration

Moreover, you can choose stage theme from various options such as –

  • Floral stage decoration
  • Open wedding stage decoration
  • Balloon stage decoration
  • Ethnic stage decoration


What type of color combinations goes best with stage decoration?

Professional wedding planners use different types of color combinations to give a classy and beautiful look to the venue. These are –

  • Pearly white
  • Satin and flower
  • Pastel shades
  • White and pink
  • Red and gold

These colors add a romantic look to the backdrop of the reception stage.


Hire a wedding professional for decorating your dream wedding venue

Professional decorators are comprised of an entire team that includes photographers, florists, and caterers. They will show you different themes and ideas of the wedding and arrange the mandap according to your requirements and interests in a particular theme wedding. They use different types of shades of lights and fabrics to enhance the beauty of the place. Lighting has always been considered an important aspect of decoration.


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