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Wedding Tent Decoration Ideas

Wedding Tent Decoration Ideas

For a customary Indian wedding, especially one in an outdoor venue, wedding tents are a precious commodity. They are utilized in both seating arrangements for guests as well as mandaps. Not only do they shelter the celebrants from the ups and downs of the weather but also help in making the wedding decoration look more organized.


This canopy with its minimal appearance makes for a very contemporary mandap decoration. Mounted on bamboos, it lends a beachy appearance and can even be a part of a summery or tropical aesthetic if appropriately complemented by some eye-catching, exotic flora.


mandap canopy decor
Image credit: Maharani Weddings


Conical tents look remarkably modern and suave. They generally carve out a minimal look and need only be sparsely adorned with floral runners to complete your mandatory wedding decorations.



An open tent supported by slender poles looks light and is usually ideal for sheltering the guests in an open venue. It is more accommodative and easier to install. So spruce up your outdoor wedding decor with this arrangement that provides dozens of options for added embellishment, from crystal chandeliers and florals to dreamcatchers, threaded sequins and tassels.



With this solid framed tent in imperial blue and white, you are rid of any worry that you can’t recreate a magical setting like that of a hall venue with a sleek interior out in the open. This one’s a contemporary hit and can even be set up in the garden or backyard of your house for a pre-wedding function.


blue crystal decoration


The classy tent setup gets the quintessential Indian wedding flower decoration treatment here. The supporting gear of this plain white tent is laden with radiant marigold chains, dotted with brilliant red floral pomanders.


marigold decoration


The exuberance of the traditional Indian color palette is at its best here. The riotous colors of the drapes decoration shine forth amid the verdure, accompanied by ethnic Indian adornments such as tassels and chairs in equally vibrant dollops. This seating arrangement is perfect for mehendi and sangeet, resonating with the fun and cheer of the occasion as it is.


outdoor drapes decor

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