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Lively Decoration Ideas For A Wedding By The Pool

Lively Decoration Ideas For A Wedding By The Pool

Poolside weddings have become a favorite these days, more so being catered by luxury hotels and other wedding venues that usually provide indoor and outdoor pools for upscale gatherings. While a venue like this one usually calls for a tropical theme wedding, there are a few basics of wedding décor that you can utilize to adorn the place even if there isn’t a particular theme In your mind.


Neon signage

neon signage decoration
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Setting up stylish signage is one of the recent trends in order to lend a personalized appearance to the wedding decoration. While popular choices for such arrangements generally range from lush flowers to candles and crystals, setting up neon signage for a poolside wedding would ensure attention. Unassuming but quirky, this is a fitting contemporary way to greet your guests. Easily spotted, such a setup also makes for gram-worthy pictures.


Floating Florals


From subtly scattered flower petals to more flamboyant whole blooms or even artificial flowers, there are tons of options to take your pick from to blend with your theme wedding decoration. Extend the flower decoration to surround the pool area in gorgeous trailing patterns.



umbrella decorations
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For decoration purposes, you may go with the lighter paper umbrellas that can easily be hung up overhead. The classy ones with floral patterns or buoyant colorful ones. For a richer ethnic appeal, you may go for embellished parasols. Umbrellas can also be utilized for the lounge seating arrangement around the pool for beach vibes.



lantern decoration
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Paper lanterns or even makeshift ones with floating candles are the perfect way to lighten up the occasion. The same can also be arranged to outline the pool. The luminous reflections shimmying in the water are a delight to watch.


Overhead décor


A pool venue most probably means you are blessed with an open view of the sky. While the stars might be just sufficient company for your big day, some added embellishment is a good idea to consider. Ideally, if it a daytime event, you might wanna go for colorful streamers, tassels, pinwheels and other kinds of papercraft while for a wedding during the night, a blanket of string lights will beautifully light up the place.

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