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Unique Decoration Ideas For Birthdays

Unique Decoration Ideas For Birthdays


Birthdays can be made more fun and can lift everyone’s spirits if the decor is done right. The setting and color scheme matter a lot in contributing to the overall ambiance. Here are some ideas to create beautiful themed decoration for birthday parties,


A creative way to add color to your outdoor decoration is by hanging up some vibrant hot air balloons made of paper. They look artsy and charming.


birthday party themes
Image credit: DHGate


Ditch the regular table centerpieces and opt instead for these floating hot air balloons with some flowers tucked in over the tables. Match the classy decor with some florals and greens on the table.


birthday balloon decoration
Image credit: Melissaandre


For some chic indoor birthday party decorations, use some wooden decor, such as these initial monograms decorated with lights and balloons and flowers in an understated tone.


flower decoration for birthday
Image credit: red Scooter


Treat your little kid to a stately bday decoration with this princess castle made primarily of balloons. This Disney-like theme works well to charm everyone.


birthday balloon decoration
Image credit: kharitoure


Make your outdoor venue a wonderland with lush florals and butterfly decor for a whimsical appearance flower decoration for birthday always the best idea for decorating. Make creative use of the built-in structures available in the place and incorporate them into your theme with the birthday decoration.


outdoor birthday decorations
Image credit: Pinterest


Dive underwater on the birthday bash with this birthday balloon decoration that looks like a scene from an aquatic paradise. The transparent and blue-tinted balloons look like bubbles and give a magical feel to the place.


balloon decoration in bangalore
Image credit: indiamart


Don’t let the size of the venue stop you from setting up a canopy. Decorate the drapes with balloons, lanterns and paper pomanders to make it technicolor for birthday party themes.


best birthday party themes
Image credit: Pinterest


It really can’t get more breath-taking than this stunningly elegant swan lake themed decoration for a dreamy birthday party decorations. The pretty paper butterflies and florals hanging from the ceiling match the white backdrop and drapes as well as the white and gold furniture and will indeed have all your guests mesmerized.


birthday decoration
Image credit: Khim Cruz


This fun decor is designed out of balloons and florals to resemble a church-like setting, as if ready for a couple to walk down the aisle. It is beautiful and elegant, and also well-suited for baptism ceremonies.


birthday backdrop
Image credit: JesVenues


This Hello Kitty best birthday party themes, done entirely in white and pink, adorned with dainty blossoms and birdcages, will have the children falling in love.


birthday party decorations
Image credit: TransformedBlog


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