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Mandap should be your primary concern when it comes to wedding décor. The true magic will take place there, to start with. Second, while your visitors might or might not notice other decor trends, they will undoubtedly notice the mandap. This is why we assert that giving in to popular trends is most likely a good idea. A botanical mandap is currently more in style than anything else.

Mandaps that have flower decoration for wedding, foliage, and other tropical elements are known as botanical mandaps. These are finer versions of flowery mandaps rather than the standard ones. So, if you are interested, scroll down and take a look at some stunning botanical mandaps!

Go For The Classic

For years, we have observed those traditional botanical mandaps at actual weddings, which are decorated with vibrant, fresh flowers and a sizable amount of greenery. Whether you are planning a daytime or evening wedding, these mandaps are definitely the best option to choose from.

Therefore, if you want to stay with the mandap you have always seen, we advise choosing one that is traditional and botanical, like these! If you wish to go for a minimal look, adorn the pillars of your mandap with florals and foliage, and pair it with clear white drapes. You can also opt for a dome shaped mandap and adorn it with a tropical look if you wish to go with something unusual, rather than the classic closed or square shaped mandap. Even an open circular mandap looks magnificent when covered in florals from head to toe!

Pastel Pink Mandaps

While you may be familiar with the pastel pink mandaps used for daytime weddings, exotic pink mandap decoration have recently gained popularity. Ladies, these mandaps are ideal for individuals who want to stand out with their wedding decor. Oh, and during the day, these look just stunning!

These pastel pink theme for the mandap gives a fairy tale look to the ceremony! You can have matching pastel seating around the mandap, be it chairs or sofa sets, or even smaller diwans with pastel pink cushions. If you don’t want to go for a monochrome look, pair the pastel pink florals with some dark blue drapes! An unusual color combination, but it goes really well, the original inspiration being taken from the magnificent peacock!

If you are looking for a heavier look, why restrict yourself to a single-tiered mandap? Have a look at this elegant mandap set up. It is a lot of work definitely, but also very satisfying to look at, isn’t it?

Lush Forest Look

Foresty mandaps are for you if you have always been drawn to the rustic design. Mandaps with a rustic feel and natural accents like tree barks, grapevines, and flowers are known as foresty mandaps. These mandaps are ideal for small, coastal weddings as well as bohemian-themed weddings.

Use the foresty undertones for your florals and other décor elements for the mandap. Pastels, brown, different hues of green, blue and purple, and yellow depict the foresty vibe you are looking for.

All White Snowy Look

While there are many couples who prefer the minimalistic design, we offer these stunning mandaps in muted colors for them. While some couples appreciate having everything bold at their wedding, including the attire and the decor, there are a lot of couples who enjoy the minimalist style. These mandaps are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also really trendy!

A complete white mandap looks elegant and whimsical. Big white roses are a popular choice for this mandap style. You can also pair it with hints of pastel if you don’t like a white look.

Tropical Delight

You and these lovely tropical botanical mandaps sound like a match made in heaven! Many unusual materials are employed to convey an exotic feel, including pampas grass and components like banana leaves. Banana leaves are large and would look lovely beside the mandap. Therefore, we strongly advise choosing tropical botanical mandaps like the ones we have listed, if you and your significant other are fans of all things unusual.

Tropical botanical mandaps heavily focus on greenery, so all forms of foliage are a welcome change!
Get exciting wedding decorations that fit your imagination and creativity today!

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