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Complete Guide For A Modern Wedding

Complete Guide For A Modern Wedding

We have heard about modern weddings several times! What exactly is it? Let me clear one thing, this type of wedding doesn’t mean skipping all the traditions and doing the wedding in a modern way. This is surely not the definition. A modern wedding is a theme-based wedding where everything is inspired by the current trends, the modern trends. The dress, the colors, the backdrop everything has a touch of recent trends i.e the modern trends. In this blog, we are going to give you a complete guide for a modern wedding.


Keeping The Decoration Simple

Today’s generation loves to keep it simple. They do not want to have a lot of creatives or decorations. Too many colors or having a lot of wedding props is something people avoid nowadays. Begin the preparation of your wedding with this mantra only. The main tagline of the wedding planner should be, keep it simple!


We will start with the decoration part. When choosing the colors, go for light colors and keep the combination restricted to 2-3 colors. The decoration should be elegant and simple. Do not try to overdecorate things.


Elegance On The Table

Focus on every small detail. Your guest table should be the reflection of your elegant hospitality. The tableware or the accessories should reflect the simple theme of the wedding. Do not put everything over there, just keep the necessary pieces of stuff. Skip the over-decorating part. Keep it minimal. Whatever you are keeping should be very stylish. It should give the touch of a modern wedding. If needed, you can even add some extra wedding props to match the theme.



Cocktails are a must in a modern wedding. In simple terms, a modern wedding means including every current modern trend. So how can we forget cocktails? Not just cocktails, you can add more beverages or food, whatever you feel. The wedding should not look old-fashioned that is still following the previous trends. It should break all the stereotypes and should reflect modern practices. So your food menu should be made keeping the current trends in mind. 


One extra thing we can do for the comfort of the guest is that instead of completely avoiding the old practices, we can even include them. The important thing is to have modern culture, not to remove the old traditions. So you can even keep both of them.


No More Heavy Dress or Makeup

I bet we all agree on the fact that nowadays we hate getting ready. I mean we all would just want to wear comfortable clothes. We will follow the same trend here as well. Wear what is easy to wear! You do not need to have a lot of makeup or a heavy dress. Minimal makeup and a simple outfit are perfectly fine. Ya, but do keep one thing in mind: your overall look is for your wedding. So do not keep it way too simple.


Greenery Over Flora

In this, there is no such thing as good or bad. It’s just that flora is being chosen more for the modern wedding currently. It is a unique idea and it fits very well with the overall idea of having simple decor. The limitation with flora is that the color is green so you do not have a lot of options. Even the main decoration theme has to be planned to keep the green color in mind.


If you want to go with flora, you can choose some classic ones and remember the color should not be bright. Avoid having colorful combinations. Overall, 2-3 flowers in a combination of light colors can be used for a modern wedding.


Custom Cake

Modern means fun as well. We try those things which we find interesting. Apply this idea to cake as well. Get a very interesting cake. A design that will make people say,” oh that’s something I am seeing for the first time”. So a modern wedding is all about following current trends and these trends mean trying out new things. So go ahead with this having a custom cake design idea for your modern wedding.



In simple terms, what we have seen is that the modern wedding is all about simple and elegant decorations. The classiness is there! Not a lot of creativity is involved. So keep these things in your mind and begin your preparations for a modern wedding. For more such ideas keep visiting our website, Melting Flowers.

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