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Breaking Traditions – Unique Wedding Ideas

Breaking Traditions – Unique Wedding Ideas

I want something different! This is the most popular line the wedding planners hear. Everyone wants their wedding to be the best and unique. But getting these two things in the same place is quite a tough task to do. When we are opting for something new and unique, we don’t know how it is going to turn out. Whether it is going to be the best or the worst, we have no clue. So to get these two things together, we are back with our blog. Here we are going to discuss some unique wedding ideas that will surely be going to be the best.


Venue Manipulation

The heading itself is very much clear about what we are going to suggest to you. We have always seen weddings happening on lawns, indoors, etc. this time we are going to change the venue. The wedding will take place where no one would have thought. It is not about skipping lawns or indoors, it’s about choosing an unorthodox place as a wedding venue. 


You can get married in mountains, in private jets, in between the sea. All these places are tried and tested. It is not like these are very unique places but are surely something new. 


Surprise Wedding

This is one of the best wedding ideas. It doesn’t mean you are not going to read the rest of the blog, there are some more ideas. See if you do not want to do anything and still want your wedding to be unique, trust me this idea is tailor-made for you! 


All you have to do is just make all the wedding arrangements, the normal ones, with no extra effort. But do not tell anyone about this, keeping it a secret. Then invite all your guests for a party and get ready to have the best reactions of all time. The guests will be surprised and their reactions will be worth watching. You will get your unique wedding without doing much. Do not forget to capture the reactions!


Inviting Food Trucks

One new thing we can do is to serve food through food trucks. I mean the buffet system is very usual. So why not let’s try something unique? And since we all love food trucks, I guess the guests will like this idea as well. So we are getting both things. A unique and best idea. That’s what we wanted right? You got it!


One thing which we do have to take care of is having a big venue. This is very important because food trucks will occupy a lot of space and we have to ensure the comfort of our guests and highlight decorations as well. All these things will be ensured only if the wedding venue is large enough. With this idea,  there are chances the wedding budget will increase, so be prepared for that as well.


Our Ceremonies

Two variations are there! Firstly you can customize the ceremonies. The second one is to create your own. Let me be very clear with you, it is not at all about changing the rituals. It is only about adding some fun to them. Like in a Christian wedding, when the bride and groom accept each other’s proposal, they can do that in the form of singing.


You can have a garlanding ceremony in the form of a game. When it comes to creating our ceremony, we can have a proposal ceremony. Overall getting creative with the usual can be also as unique.


No More Dress Code

A very common practice at a wedding is the dress code. The bride will be wearing a heavy dress. Groom will wear ethnic. In a modern wedding, it changes to an evening gown and tuxedo. So this idea is about eliminating these traditions. Wear whatever you want. Even if it doesn’t look like you are the wedding couple, it’s okay. Just do what makes you happy! No more wearing an uncomfortable heavy dress just because of peer pressure. Let’s break these traditions. A unique and brave wedding idea!



Woah! We have got more ideas and they will arrive to you super soon! So be ready for them. Till then you can visit our website, Melting flowers. I am sure you would be more than happy after knowing how beneficial we can be for you guys!

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