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Trendiest Bouquet Flowers

Trendiest Bouquet Flowers

I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I have witnessed a bouquet, the majority of times I have seen roses in them. Ever wonder if the rose is the perfect bouquet flower? I mean yes we have got lots of flowers to put in a bouquet, we can do so. But which are those flowers that will create an impact as bouquet flowers? This is my question and this blog is my answer to this question. For all those who feel the same way and are in search of some new bouquet flowers, your search ends here. We are going to list some very beautiful flowers that you can use in a bouquet with ease.



Whenever we work on a floral arrangement we look for two things, the very first is the availability and the second one is the longevity of freshness. Daffodils, fortunately, provide both these things along with their sizzling beauty. These yellow flowers are extremely beautiful and have that freshness that everyone craves. It is widely used in bouquets as it can keep them fresh for quite a long time and is readily available. And staying fresh is the most important thing for bouquets as you don’t want your bouquet gets fade away super quick.



Gerbera is one of those flowers that carries a lot of meanings with itself through its various colors. The Gerbera flower is available in a variety of colors and each of its colors has a different meaning such as purity, cheerfulness, etc. We have different occasions to attend and every occasion has a specific emotion, this flower is perfect when you have to present a bouquet emotionally and occasion-wise. If you mix all the colors and create a bouquet with them, it will be good in that as well. Colorful floral arrangement always gives the vibes of cheerfulness. Perfect for celebrations.



Orchid is the same as gerbera in terms of holding meanings. You can give them as bouquets to someone special or anyone and can share your different emotions with them. But this point is not what makes it perfect for bouquets. The point is people are already very much into the beauty of orchids. For them, the name is enough. The flower is enough. You just present a bouquet of orchids, the work is done. This is all because of its fascinating color and superb looks. Orchids are cute and presented in a bouquet will only enhance their beauty. Do not think twice before presenting orchids as bouquet flowers. 



My personal favorite is I regard the peony not just as a flower but as a flower with exotic looks and elegant vibes. Whether it’s a classic wedding or a vintage wedding, if you require flowers that match the vibes of being classic and elegant, then peony is the one that will fulfill the need. Its color has something else. The light pink color is already magical and with peony’s floral accessories, those pink flowers attain a new level of attractiveness. Best suited for weddings!



If you are someone who wants to have an alternative to peony. A flower that is exotic in looks, gives classy vibes, and has that elegance, you can have lilies as well. Well, peonies can satisfy all these needs, but we always require options. So here we go, lilies are your other option. Lilies come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. So you can have a variety of bouquets made from them. Lilies are mostly used to show devotion and humbleness. Their orange color shows passion as well. Plenty of options! Overall, it is a choice for bouquets.



All these flowers have the potential to make an impact whenever they are used as bouquet flowers. They look pretty as individuals and when they come in groups, the level upgrades. I hope you won’t find it tough when looking for bouquets having flowers other than roses. They have their charm, no issue with roses. But all these bouquets are nothing less than theirs. According to the occasion and the emotion, choose your bouquet flower. 


You can use all these flowers for floral arrangements as well. They will still be pretty and if you feel tired in doing so, let Melting Flowers do the task. We are one of the finest floral designers in South India and will prove so with our services.

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