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How To Choose a Wedding Venue: Wedding Décor Edition

How To Choose a Wedding Venue: Wedding Décor Edition

Deciding upon having an indoor or outdoor wedding is a tiring and never-ending task. Regardless of what religious ceremonies you want at your wedding, there are some things you need to consider before picking a wedding venue. Both indoor and outdoor venues have their set of pros and cons, so how do you actually decide upon one?

The answer to this is very simple, and we are going to help you pick the perfect venue for your wedding! A major part of your wedding venue selection depends upon the type of décor you want at your wedding. While outdoor wedding ceremonies are ideal for Hindu weddings as the main wedding ceremony has an open flame, you can also opt for an indoor venue with proper ventilation.

Let us take a look at the décor that traditionally suits indoor and outdoor wedding venues.

Seating Arrangements

Renting out proper furniture for your guests is very important. At outdoor venues, you may usually see nice white garden chairs for all your guests. But these don’t look good in an indoor setting. These chairs are also usually foldable. So while they are convenient to move indoors, they also come off as a cheap seating arrangement.

Most indoor wedding venues have their own set of banquet chairs. These chairs look elegant and usually match the color palette of the wedding venue. If you are not too keen on the plain banquet chairs, you can also use some drapes to decorate the back of the seats. This décor also looks good on chairs used in outdoor weddings.

Indian wedding ceremony at Hotel Irvine. The pink program match the pink mandap.

Chiavari chairs are currently very trendy among young couples. They have a firm structure, the cushions are pretty comfortable, and they look perfect in outdoor settings!



The main problem a lot of couples have with Indian weddings is accommodating the mandap for the main wedding ceremony. Now, a lot of outdoor venues don’t usually have a pre-existing platform for the mandap. So, your decorator may have to build one up from scratch. While this is a major factor that affects your wedding venue choice, it is also very dependent on personal preference as well as your budget.

You can go for an outdoor venue if you don’t have any issue with building up a gazebo for your mandap. This also provides a lot of creative freedom as you can be involved with setting up the structure to your preferences. But decorating it will also cost a bit because you need drapes, pillars, chandeliers, other lighting options, and any other décor pieces that you want for your mandap. You will also need some flower decoration for wedding.

If your budget allows that type of spending, outdoor wedding venues should be a no brainer for you! You can also choose a scenic backdrop for your wedding by going for a garden wedding, or a beach wedding. But if you wish to choose a simpler option, an indoor venue is perfect as most of them already have a pre-existing mandap platform. So you will just have to spend on the décor!


If you are having an indoor wedding, you won’t have to worry about a daytime or night wedding as the venue is a closed space. Indoor weddings are also very convenient in any season, whether it is the scorching heat or the monsoons.

But if you are adamant about holding a summer wedding outdoors, you will have to consider plenty of things. For starters, you can’t have a wedding during the daytime in the middle of summer, and expect your guests to be seated in the heat! You will have to make some extra arrangements, and canopies fit perfectly in such situations.

You can build canopies over the seating area for guests so they have a comfortable shade. These also look very pretty, so they can double down as outdoor wedding decoration for your venue!



Outdoor weddings have a plethora of lighting options. You can use lanterns, and a curtain of string lights to cover your entire wedding venue. Even the trees at the venue can be covered up with string lights. While these options look good indoors as well, indoor weddings usually opt for something that is not too bright. LED lighting is a famous option for indoor venues.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your budget, as well as what type of wedding decorations you imagine your wedding to have. So, take your pick wisely!

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