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Are you looking for some simple ideas to enhance your intimate wedding ceremony? You have come to the right place! These gorgeous stage decoration ideas are so easy to incorporate and you will find them to be very easy on the eye.

All of the stage decoration ideas in this list are very budget-friendly and they include simple elements that can make up your wedding stage decoration. From simple drapes to candles and lanterns for some extra lighting, all these elements are very cost-friendly. These ideas also include some simple floral arrangements that are not too expensive.

Take a look, and get some inspiration to get the creative wheels of your brain turning!

Simple Floral Stage Décor

This is a great idea for the wedding stage because it is very easy to set it up. You can create a floral backdrop for the wedding stage. If you want to go for something fancy while staying on your budget, choose foliage hoops for the backdrop. You can pair it up with rental chandeliers for some extra light if you are planning an indoor wedding.

One great way of saving some extra cost is purchasing your florals in bulk. This way, you can get them at wholesale rates and spend the extra money on other elements. A simple floral backdrop is perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony. Another great way you can incorporate florals at your wedding is by making it the focal point. You can create a small floral arch to add an extra oomph to the wedding.


Use The Natural Setting as a Backdrop

Focus your wedding stage on a picturesque venue. This way, you get to have a beautiful backdrop for the wedding without paying an extra dime! Having a low-key outdoor wedding is a great idea for a summer wedding. You can opt for an outdoor garden wedding or if you like the sea breeze, go to a beach!

Either way, you will have a gorgeous venue on your hands and you won’t need any extra backdrop decoration for the wedding stage. You can keep it an open stage from all sides, or you can add some pillars to create a dome at the top. Cover up this dome up with florals, drapes, or even lights! You will just need a platform to arrange some seating for the newlywed couple, and a few floral arrangements to brighten up your wedding stage.


Draped Beauty

Drapes are such simplistic elements and you will find them at every wedding. But you can go creative with it and use it to create a setting for the wedding stage. Drapes are very in style currently so if you are looking to add an extra punch of amusement to your wedding, they are the perfect element that you can incorporate at your wedding.

If you want to go for a cheaper option, you can use burlap drapes instead of satin or silk ones. These are available at reasonable rates in the market. They also give a cute rustic charm to the wedding, while silk and satin give off more of an elegant vibe.

Fairy Light Backdrop

Fairy lights are very simple lighting options, but they illuminate the entire venue perfectly. You can drape these lights around the pillars on the platform of your wedding stage. You can also have suspended lanterns or other accent pieces for the backdrop, and wrap the fairy lights around them.

Fairy lights are a pretty cheap lighting option and they can easily be stretched out. So, you can hang them around taller, vertical elements easily.


Personalized Décor

Huge name cards or funny hashtags are very trendy décor elements for the backdrop of your wedding stage. This is a great idea to add a personal touch to the wedding. You can either go for something classic, like the bride and groom’s names, or a ‘ship name’, or you can choose something personal for the two of you.

Hashtags are also very quirky and they look great in the wedding portraits. This is actually a very economical idea. You can double down your wedding stage as a photo booth too, so you can click your wedding portraits at the same place.

These simple wedding decorations will help you cut down on your costs and stay loyal to your budget. Get the help of the best wedding decorators in Bangalore to implement these ideas for your wedding.

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