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The Role of the Wedding Planners

The Role of the Wedding Planners

Most of the time, you have seen that we often ask you to hire a wedding planner. We have even discussed their importance as well. In this blog, we will not discuss their importance or gonna refer to them must. We will just tell you what exactly the wedding planners do. What work comes under them when they come into play? From the start to the end of the wedding, where do the wedding planners find themselves? We will answer all these questions and then it’s up to you guys to realize whether they are important or not. Whether the wedding planners area must or not.



It all begins with a plan. Everything, whether it’s a cricket match or a cultural event at a college planning is essential. You cannot do all the tasks based on instinct. You need plans. Planning is the very first task wedding planners perform. Even their name suggests the same. After getting the idea of the tastes of the host, and what kind of wedding they want, wedding planners begin their planning. Their goal is to give life to the dreams of the bride and groom. They have to make sure their plan fulfills the needs of the couple and bless them with their dream wedding.



Next comes the execution. The only way you are going to find out how good the plan is is by executing it. A good plan means nothing if not executed properly. Everything looks good on paper, the point is to make it work in the field as well. The wedding planners have to give their best at every step. When done with the planning,  their next job is to give life to that plan. Design the same wedding as the way it has been planned. Everything that the couple mentioned in the plan should be there in the design of the wedding.


Being the CA

CA or accountant, I don’t know who exactly manages more finance but in a wedding, it becomes the responsibility of the wedding planners to manage the workload of finances. This part of their job makes it so easy for the host family to ist back and relax. They can enjoy this precious day without any pressure. It’s just not about managing the finances, it is to make sure to not get over budget. Everything should be on the desired budget and there should not be compromisation with the quality.

It’s more about balancing. Sticking to the given budget, saving some extra money for any emergency, fulfilling all the needs on time, and many more. All these tasks are performed by the one and only, wedding planners.


The Big Day

The wedding planner does not stop till the wedding gets over. All preparations are done, the budget is fine, and everything is in place. But guess who still has to work, the wedding planners! They have to manage the guests and have to constantly check whether everything is going smoothly or not. Every little event management comes under their responsibility. At some point, there may come the requirement of some stuff, they have to make sure it gets fulfilled on time. 


The wedding planners even have to manage the invitation department as well. Ah! Too much work. And even for managing the finances they have to choose vendors and finalize all the deals. They have to select the best one and get the deal done at a proper price. Hectic! 



In the starting we have mentioned that we are not going to say the wedding planners are very important, we will just list their work. It’s up to you guys to realize whether they are important or not. Whether they are a must for a wedding or not? Read this blog again and think about what will happen if the wedding planners won’t be there? What tasks you would have to do in the absence of wedding planners?


When you will answer all the above-mentioned questions, you will realize the importance of wedding planners. Before signing off, let me advise you one more thing. Visit Melting Flowers! Do not ask us why, just trust me like the way you did in this blog. Who knows you find the best wedding, pre-wedding or other event decorators over there. So just visit, Melting Flowers.


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