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Color Schemes to Assist You in Planning Your Wedding Décor

Color Schemes to Assist You in Planning Your Wedding Décor

Wedding planning is such a stressful job. From arranging the wedding décor to setting up the guest list, there are too many tasks to finish and never enough time. But before you jump the wagon, the first step in wedding planning is choosing a theme or color palette for your wedding.

Selecting a theme for your wedding is tiring because you have an abundant number of choices! You need to make sure your florals and wedding décor go well with the backdrop of your venue, whether it is an outdoor garden wedding or even at the beachfront or an indoor wedding.

Summer weddings are great for trying out some new themes. You can wildly experiment with the wedding décor, accent pieces, drapes, floral backdrops, and even the seating arrangements. Whether you want to go for something bold and elegant, or a soft accentuated color theme, get inspired by the ideas mentioned in this blog.

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Go All Pastel

Pastels are a great choice for an outdoor wedding decoration. They allude to a soft vibe so if that is something you are looking for, rather than an in-your-face color palette, this is the perfect choice for you. Pastels also look great at intimate wedding ceremonies.

You can opt for a monochrome pastel look, but in our opinion, pastel pink and mint green go so well together, and must definitely be experimented with! You can use pastel pink draperies for the mandap or the wedding stage, and mint green draperies for the surrounding. These two colors match really well, so you can even use them to elevate your dining area.

Pink cushions for chairs also look great. So instead of using white cushions, opt for something that would rather look great with the drapes. Light pink florals are also a great choice to match this color theme. You can even add a touch of shimmering gold to your wedding décor.

An Ornate Red and Gold Traditional Indian Mandap | Indian wedding decorations, Desi wedding decor, Wedding mandap

The Classic Indian Wedding

If you are looking for a traditional luxurious Indian wedding, go for a color scheme that is synonymous with big fat Indian weddings. A combination of red and white, with a touch of gold, is commonly seen at grand Indian weddings. Red is also a very bold color, so no one will be able to take their eyes off the majestic décor!

Traditionally, the red color also has a cultural significance at Indian weddings. The bride is seen adorning a heavy red attire for the main wedding ceremony, to match her deep red henna painted hands. A touch of red on the wedding décor is sure to make the ceremony more luxurious.

Red florals are an elegant choice for the wedding stage decoration or even the wedding bouquets. You can go for a heavy floral décor for your wedding, by using red florals as recessed hangings. You can compliment the heavy red wedding décor with a somber white seating arrangement. If you find that too dull, use gold along with the white!

A Multi-Colored Extravaganza

Why restrict yourself to one color, or a combination, when you can have a grand affair with multiple ones? Multi colored props are infamously used for wedding setups, be it quirky patterned umbrellas, pinwheels or artsy hanging pieces. If you are having all your wedding functions outdoors, you can set up a tent and use drapes of various colors to create a rainbow ceiling.

Multi-colored color schemes usually look great for Haldi and Mehendi ceremonies, since those functions are usually very eccentric and peppy.

An Elegant White and Gold Wedding? Yes, Please! ~ WedLuxe Media | Gold wedding decorations, Gold wedding theme, White and gold wedding themes

Elegant White and Gold

Looking for a royal affair? Nothing screams royal like a golden and white wedding set-up. You can truly look luxury in the eye with this pick. Everything is simply very elegant, whether it is the gold-lined pillowcases or cushions. Or even the white string lights that can be wrapped around trees or used as a canopy above the dining area.

For the mandap, you can go for a complete gold look to allude to a rich ambience. Everything can be covered with golden décor, from the fake mandap pillars to the draperies. You can also use mirrors with rustic gold frames for the wedding décor. Additionally, you can also use golden photo frames for the photo booth.

There are so many color schemes that you can choose from aside from the simple ones mentioned here. A combination of orange, pink and fuchsia looks great. There is also the option of going for a peacock colored palette of blue, purple, green and a tint of gold. When you are done deciding on a color palette for your wedding, contact us to complete all your wedding decorations!

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