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Glorious Wedding Décor Takeaways from Bollywood Weddings!

Glorious Wedding Décor Takeaways from Bollywood Weddings!

If you are crazy about Bollywood as we are, chances are you love adopting the little quirks of Bollywood celebrities. Whether it is their fashion sense or their lifestyle, Bollywood celebrities have been trendsetters for ages. We don’t see why it shouldn’t apply to wedding decorations!

Famous Bollywood couples have essentially set a new trend in action by incorporating something new and creative at their weddings. Let us take a look at some popular trends inspired by Bollywood weddings. If you are looking to add a little oomph to your wedding exclusively inspired by your favorite Bollywood weddings, this is exactly the blog post for you!

Shed Away the Glamour

If you think Bollywood weddings are all out touch, majestic events, you have thought wrong! Minimal is the new grand and the recent wedding functions of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor just prove it. If you take a look at the intricacies of the wedding décor, you will realize all of it was as simple as it could get!

The Kapoors and the Bhatts in an epic family portrait.

There was a heavy emphasis on flower decoration for wedding, whether it was the cascading string of rajnigandha or tropical exotic florals. The wedding had a nature theme so greenery was in abundance. The earth tone with its neutral monochrome themes was a great palette of color combinations adopted throughout the wedding, from the wedding décor to their wedding outfits. Fairy lights were also seen at this intimate affair, which added a light glamorous touch.

Although the wedding was very intimate and not traditionally loud in color as other Bollywood weddings, no one can say it lacked any luster! Neutral themes are increasingly popular and they look very elegant!

You can adopt a similar theme by incorporating light pastels if tans and creams seem too basic to you. A hint of gold is also great to add a sparkling touch to the wedding theme. Choosing a nature-themed wedding is also a great idea if you wish to have an eco-friendly wedding. You can choose homegrown or locally sourced flowers rather than exotic arrangements, and decide on some recycled décor accent pieces for your wedding!

Take It to the Seaside

A picturesque background to have your wedding against is such a great idea! That is exactly what Karishma Tanna and Varun Bangera decided to move forward with a seaside wedding. A seaside wedding provides a huge number of options when it comes to a wedding palette or theme. Since there is a lot of natural scenery, you can choose colors that go well with the background!

Light pastels are very in trend these days and that is what we spotted at this grand affair as well! A combination of pink and white décor kept things light and breezy at this wedding. The two colors complement each other really well. White makes spaces look large and abundant, and a baby pink hue adds a light touch to complete the décor.


Another key takeaway was the complete floral mandap seen at the wedding! All floral mandaps look gorgeous, whether they are minimalist or very heavy and in your face. The couple decided to go with an all-white hue which just looks ethereal. The mandap design had a hanging floral garland ceiling filled with gorgeous blooms. The mandap also had recessed lights in the shape of bells, with dim bulbs suspended in them.

The minimal pastel décor completely blew us away! It is elegant, light and luxurious all at the same time!

Vicky-Katrina's wedding: First visual of venue, decoration & music rehearsal accessed

Go Completely Royal

If you are looking for the fairy tale wedding of your dreams, take a page out of Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif‘s wedding décor! A fort hotel is probably the best wedding venue if you are looking for a royal vibe for the wedding. They have a rich heritage and history and give a whole rustic vibe which is perfect for the theme!

We love the grandiose entrance the couple planned for their wedding. With a majestic floral archway, gorgeous LED lighting to light up the venue and some fresh props later, you can adopt the same for your wedding!

Are you inspired by any of these gorgeous ideas? Arrange a consultation for your outdoor wedding decoration today and let us handle the rest!

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