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Traditional Flowers Used At Weddings

Traditional Flowers Used At Weddings

A wedding in our country is a celebration like no other. The holy union of the bride and groom is blessed not only with the presence of the elders and by invoking the gods but also by the thriving beauty of nature. Flowers are an integral component of wedding decoration that contribute to the ambiance of your wedding venue and truly liven it up. Here are the key traditional blooms used in most desi weddings and how you can incorporate them into your marriage decor in interesting ways.


Vibrant yellow and orange marigolds are a hassle-free way to instantly add a pop of color to an all-green outdoor wedding location. They can be used to line staircases and pathways, wrapped around and hung from trees or just arranged in random patterns on the ground. Couple them with ornate frames and containers or diyas and candles, depending upon whether it’s day or night.

floral pattern decoration


Marigold is also the most favorite for designing mandaps. From stage backdrop decor to mandap canopies, marigold garlands are used in abundance. Both on its own and combined with light drapes, marigold flower decoration is common in stage decor. These flowers are especially significant for the haldi ceremony for which the decor is often themed bright and cheerful accordingly and even the bride dons them.


suspended mandap decoration



No other flower spells out love like a red rose, the reason why it is such a popular bridal flower. Captivating and sweet-smelling roses are included in marriage decoration as floral pomanders and table centerpieces. Rose petals can be clubbed with other flowers to create rangoli-like designs on the stage or anywhere else. They can also be allowed to float in a pool or a pond, if there is one in the venue.


floral stage decoration


Combine bold red roses with softer white and pink ones for more elegant and classy decorations, and make them more radiant with lanterns and candles placed in glass jars.


best flower decorators



The velvety lotus makes for very stylish decoration. It is often strung along with jasmine flowers like a pendant and used to adorn entrances, mandaps and other embellishments that can be placed along pathways and pews.


outdoor wedding venues in bangalore


Paired with complimentary light blooms like white marigold, carnation or tuberoses, lotus flowers can be utilized in some stunning and unique-looking mandap decoration.


lotus mandap decoration



Dainty jasmine blossoms are not only pretty and sweet-smelling but also considered auspicious. Such floral chains can be used to create delightful backdrops, often combined with red roses for brilliant contrast or ornamentations like bells and crystals.


white garland backdrop decoration


These florals are quite versatile and look great with anything. Use them to brighten up your entire venue along with marigold.


jasmine and marigold outdoor decoration

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