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Seating Arrangement And Decor For Weddings

Seating Arrangement And Decor For Weddings

Are the wedding bells in order? Are you taking your journey towards holy matrimony as per Indian traditions and customs? Then get ready for a host of events and myriad guests. Let your attendees have a comfortable experience as they come forth to shower upon you their love and blessings. Make proper arrangements for their seating and lounging through the various ceremonies. Here’s how to make it look good and incorporate in the marriage decorations.


Ideal for an indoor sangeet or mehendi ceremony, this cozy setup is also gorgeous to look at. Framed by floral clusters and vines and lit by string lights, crystal chandeliers and bulbs, the circular arrangement is perfect for pre-wedding functions.


indoor pre-wedding seating decor


This classy setup makes use of drapes decoration in a lovely color contrast. With sufficient lighting, the neat arrangement comes out beautifully in the lawn, making the place look livelier.


outdoor drapes decor


This Moroccan-themed seating decor done with vibrant drapes is absolutely bewitching. Enough to jazz up the simplest of indoor venues, this is also comfortable and makes economical use of space, catering well to your needs for a pre-wedding function, ideally mehendi.


moroccan themed decor


An economical way of setting up the open area is by sheltering both the stage and the seats for the guests under the same canopy. Made with white drapes and a crystal chandelier in the center, the place looks suave.


drape covered ceiling decor


With dark-colored drapes, string lights and other ample decorations, this outdoor wedding venue arrangement is both comfy and enticing.


themed drape decoration


The brilliant color combination of drapes used to set up a series of canopies inside the hall gives the wedding decor a modern and suave appearance. They perfectly complement the subtly adorned indoor venue and look chic.


hall drape decor


The seats in this open venue are half-covered with printed cloth. The whole lace is shielded by pristine white drapes and richly decorated with thick strings of vibrant yellow marigolds and pomanders made of red blooms in a paradisiacal setting.


marigold flower decoration


This lovely setup makes good use of the space of the lawn by placing the mattresses and pillows on the ground. The pink and white colors are soothing to look at and make the decor look fresh and radiant.


open venue seating decor


This all-white decor is stunning to look at. Chairs are placed under a tent that is adorned with sleek embellishments in white as well. A bunch of florals as well as the chairs add a dash of color to this contemporary wedding decoration.


white open venue decor


This decor beautifully amalgamates both traditional and contemporary elements and looks fun. The vibrant drapes decor bring the whole thing to life and look incredibly festive. The entire place is adorned with hanging tassels.


colorful drapes decor

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