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How To Quirk Up Your Wedding Garden Party?

How To Quirk Up Your Wedding Garden Party?

Garden parties allow for a laidback celebration when you don’t want to be burdened by the stiff formalities and just enjoy with your loved ones in a more intimate setting. Be mindful of the weather conditions and keep a backup indoors. You can also go easy on the wedding decoration for such outdoor venues laden with flora and skilfully carve out an aesthetic of your choice with the right wedding décor to set the desired mood. From vintage and boho to pastels and star-studded, the options are myriad when it comes to dressing up your garden location in a particular wedding theme.


Your choice of florals should reflect and balance the rest of the décor. For Instance, a daytime event calls for light and luscious flowers that can be simply arranged in slender vases to adorn your tables. The setup is classy yet absolutely magnificent.


garden wedding party


Lighting isn’t just a functional aspect. Look into the various light fixtures available and adorn your pathways, alleys and trees and shrubs with them for a charming, backyard wedding feel.


pathway lighting


This flat arrangement of a multitude of roses in gorgeous pastel shades makes for a lovely table centerpiece. Tap into the rustic charm of flower decoration to match the radiance of the day.


table decoration


Try out a woodland theme wedding decoration with wooden structures. Embellish them with florals, string lights, crystals, chandeliers and cages for a bohemian vibe.


garden wedding decor


These gorgeous flower arches are a stellar pathway decoration item and in combination with appropriate lighting, it can lift up the ambiance of the garden magically.


arch pathway decor


For your semi-covered areas, including bar tops, tables and corners, add a sober arrangement of flowers and candles so that the space has a rejuvenating resort feel and doesn’t look empty.


floral arrangement


This setup of entangled leafy vines with crystal balls holding in little candles is purely delightful and adds a mystical appeal to the whole scene.


crystal decoration


The classic bold adornment with bright bulbs makes it impossible to miss the bar in the venue and also doubles as a picture-worthy spot.


vintage bar setup


Just a rustic mesh of bamboo sticks with hanging mason jars and lush flora goes a long way in giving a tropical twist to the decoration, depending on the choice of blooms.


garden wedding decor

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