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Banquet And Table Decor For Weddings

Banquet And Table Decor For Weddings

For your wedding decoration to be thoroughly complete, it is vital that you pay heed to the seating plan and banquet as well. Decorations of banquet halls, tables and the seating area where your attendees lounge and feast in require a balanced combination of proper lighting, comfortable furniture and linens and some adornments to build up the ambiance. Take your inspiration from some of these gorgeous wedding decoration ideas below to allow your guests to wine and dine in style.


Wine bottles, tumblers and glasses call for a special booth or bar to set them up in. You can add a bunch of textured flora around the tables to complement the sleek interior without crowding the place.


chic floral decoration


The unusual choice of florals in this table runner along with tinted glass jars and candles contribute to the rustic yet contemporary setup that would fit well in an open venue.


floral table decoration


This overhead marriage decoration snaking up the ceiling is a vision to capture. The light flowers, in combination with hanging lanterns and crystal adornments, beautifully illuminate the place.


floral suspended decor


This pastel pink version of the above decor holds an undeniable charm. The dreamy blossoms are fittingly entwined with fairy lights for a quaint aura.


floral table top decoration


Now, this draped canopy is a delight of its own, perfectly setting the mood for a romantic dinner with its rich hues. The lights and florals overhead work with the candelabras and glass bowls with candles laid on the table to delicately brighten up the area.


Flower Decorations For Table


For an outdoor venue with cascading greens, make liberal use of string lights and drapes. This radiant setup can satisfactorily hold anyone’s attention.


outdoor light and drape decor


Complementing the minimal interior, these floral arrangements are sufficiently light and modern, fitting for a daytime event. Savor your wedding brunch with these lovely blooms!


dining area flower decor


This rustic and romantic setup owes it to the luminous backdrop made of gauzy drapes and string lights. The floral decor relies heavily on a variety of greens to outline the table. The candles placed up front add a classic touch.


indoor flower decoration

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