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Intricacies Of Wedding Decor To Pay Attention To

Intricacies Of Wedding Decor To Pay Attention To

An Indian wedding manifests itself as the sangam of an array of events and ceremonies. The big day is the fruition of countless hours of planning and preparation, with every couple desiring for only the best to go into the process. For a glimmering wedding venue to accommodate your star-studded night (or day), the entrance, walkways, mandap stage should all be adorned with adequate care. While these are the chief aspects of Indian wedding decor, we can’t deny the importance of finer details that go into the making of the ideal marriage decoration to eternalize the day you tie the knot in the memories of all celebrants. Let us look at a few such components that can revitalize the most basic of setups and venues for a decidedly different feel.



white drapes decoration


While indoor hall venues are usually ornately built with beautiful interior and even detailed patterns, panels can come in handy to lend an even richer appeal to the wedding decoration. Panels can also serve to conceal any unsightly wall or corner or be simply used to match the theme of the decor if the natural setting of the place clashes with the chosen aesthetic. It is immensely useful for wedding stage decoration and photo booths, where wooden panels, faux floral walls, trellis and other varieties are both functional as well as decorative.


Wall Linings

drapes decoration
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While panels provide a solid backdrop, drapes and tapestries are used for the lining of walls and ceilings to set up canopies or tents or simply for a more opulent feel of the venue. They can efficiently add to the wedding aesthetic such as heavier and textured fabrics in deep colors would contribute to a Moroccan theme. Regal and traditional appearances require rich drapes with embroidered or glittery details while flimsy ones work well for romantic or minimal decorations.


Table And Chair Linen


marigold tent decor


Whether the seating arrangement for your guests uses stylish furniture or not, linens can always take the setting up a notch by tying them up with the theme of the entire decor. There is a sense of unity. Linens also appear sophisticated and add to comfort. Glossy or patterned table cloth, tulle or gossamer tied to the backs of chairs and ribbons to complement your cutlery are just some of the many ways you can transform the regular furniture into something fantastic.


Pole Drapes/ Adornments



The base structure of your mandap decoration can be experimented with for unique results. From stacks of traditionally engraved brass metal pots to simple poles covered in colored or patterned drapes, bamboo shoots or twigs tied together- there are many ways to give a fun and creative twist to your usual metal or wooden pole. You may also go for beautifully designed and carved pillars, generally constructed out of wood, in a flamboyant fashion, for a more regal vibe.

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