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Decorations For When Love Is In The Air

Decorations For When Love Is In The Air


The month of February spells out love all over the world as we fall into a mood for romance with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. And if you happen to have your wedding, close to this day, there is absolutely no excuse for you to shy away from celebrating love and the blossoming of a new relationship in your life. Here is how to include that spirit in the decor for your grand wedding so that the ambiance is inevitably one that sets the mood for l’amour!

A soothing and elegant combination of fresh and artificial flowers in the backdrop and pendant from the top, this reception stage decoration is surely one to enrapture everyone. With minimal decorations of candelabras and flower bouquets, it looks very classy too.


Wedding Backdrop Decoration Chennai


A rustic and bright floral arch juxtaposed with the posh wooden entrance of this wedding hall venue, adorned with a single crystal chandelier, works well for pre-wedding functions.


Wedding Entrance Arch Decoration


Pastel pink mandap decoration done entirely with drapes and light and dainty florals builds up a soft, romantic ambiance for the occasion. Such balanced wedding decoration keeps with the youthful spirit of contemporary fashion.


Mandap Decoration


The key elements to a charming Valentine-themed decor, as you must have figured out by now, are flower decoration and mellow lighting. Stay on the lighter side of the color spectrum or use soft lights to create gentle harmony. Look at this pretty backdrop with columns studded alternately with white florals and crystal chandeliers.


Wedding Backdrop Decoration Mysore


This mandap is a botanical masterpiece with a broad selection of fresh blooms. The combination of light and vibrant flowers in various sizes and textures in stringed adornments and thick runners outlining the top and snaking around the supports is stylish and eye-catching, without being overwhelming.


Mandap Decoration Chennai


Flowers, with their symbolic and metaphorical associations and sensory attractions, are an absolute must when it comes to romantic wedding decorations. Roses for passion, lilies and jasmine for purity, daisies for loyalty, carnations for affection and undying love, lend a special meaning to your marriage decoration.


Scintillating white, with appropriate adornments such as delicate crystal chandeliers and sprawling petite florals, can be transformed into a breathtaking setup for the outdoor wedding venue. The addition of candelabras on the stairs and elegant little table centerpieces beautifully complement the stage.


Wedding Backdrop Decoration Bangalore

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