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Floral Stage Decor You Can’t Keep Your Eyes Off

Floral Stage Decor You Can’t Keep Your Eyes Off

Allow the best flower decorators to gift you the wedding decoration that will be the talk of the town and make you feel like a celebrity on your special day. Here are some of the most amazing ideas to include floral adornments into your mandap stage and backdrop decoration to make it stand out.


This ethereal ring-like stage decoration will make for a grand, fancy reception stage to culminate the wedding ceremony in style. Adorned with a plethora of dainty floral detailing all over and trailing in the background, it takes up a classy and elegant appearance that is sure to stamp itself in the memories of the onlookers.


Reception Stage Decoration Mysore


An eccentric combination of artificial flowers in this backdrop decor creates a brilliant contrast that successfully draws attention to itself. It is further adorned with crystal lamps and chandeliers.


Reception Stage Decoration Chennai


The rustic yet vibrant combination of white and green is both refreshing and soothing. In a circular arrangement of cascading leafy vines and topped with a white floral halo, this pristine wedding stage decoration certainly is alluring.


wedding stage decoration


Framed by the hazy confluence of the blue sea and the blue sky at the horizon, this stage makes use of a giant floral wreath as the main embellishment, accompanied by slender light adornments on the sides.


reception stage decoration


Pretty sure that this lovely mandap decoration created out of gauzy drapes with string lights in the backdrop and adorned with lush strings of marigold and jasmine will have everyone watching with rapt attention.


traditional Mandap Decoration Mysore


This novel and unique mandap with a suspended canopy stocked with lively greens and pendant jasmine and rose blooms is indeed one of a kind and something worth remembering.


Mandap Decoration Chennai


The light pastel color scheme of this floral ring mandap adornment shines forth against the neutral interior of the wedding venue and looks dreamy and very elegant, a great contemporary choice of decor.


Mandap Decoration Chennai


This mandap decor is very intriguing and eclectic, This is the next level of flower decoration with the use of a vast range of exciting botanical pieces to adorn the four supporting pillars and the canopy. The surroundings are kept simple to maintain balance and let this masterpiece take the spotlight.


Mandap Decoration Mysore


The bold red drapes enveloping this mandap are bordered by strings of flowers and on the top is an enrapturing mesh of different colored roses and baby’s breath.


Mandap Decoration Chennai



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