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The Most Visually Pleasing Wedding Decor Trends This Year

The Most Visually Pleasing Wedding Decor Trends This Year

Weddings are a sacred moment in life, one that we all want to treasure and make the best of. These are occasions to bond over, to share the joys of life and of course, to look and feel beautiful by dressing in fashionable clothing. Such a celebration both requires and deserves wedding decoration that looks just as stunning and is memorable enough to do justice to your efforts for this special day. Here, we have compiled some of the popular wedding decor trends that are such fine examples of art that you can’t help but admire.


Floral Sculptures

It’s quite fair to say that flower decoration is an indispensable part of weddings. Popular as fresh flowers are for all kinds of decorations, from entrances to mandap decor, a more recent addition to the array of versatile options available is floral sculptures. They are a stunning showcase of creativity that can completely transform your venue to look fancier. Consider an intricate design in soft neutral colors that can be placed as a centerpiece, with little crystal adornments, or a stellar red and white contrast created for the mandap with drapes and a floral peacock with cascading feathers.


hall floral sculpture decoration

peacock floral decoration For mandap


Gauzy Drapes and Lights

Drapes are heavily used in Indian wedding decor, owing to their variability and range of prices, textures and colors such that they can be accommodated into any kind of themed decorations. A great way to modernize typical drapes decoration is to use lighter ones in gauzy, gossamer-like fabrics and combine them with string lights. The luminous effect created adds a dreamy charm to the wedding venue and is multipurpose, suitable for entrances, pathways and canopies. They can be further accentuated with small bunches of dainty florals or crystal additions.


drapes pathway decoration drape and flower corridor decoration



Ikebana is the Japanese name given to the art of flower arrangement and is a very contemporary way to style up your decorations in a modern, minimalistic manner. Especially suited for white weddings and pre-wedding functions, this allows you to channel your creativity by adorning flowers arranged in glass or metal containers or in pieces of bamboo that can be used to line the walkways or hung up. This is appropriate to beautify the dining area as well.


hanging floral arrangement wedding pathway decoration


Color Contrasts

Probably the easiest way to include a stunning element in your marriage decor, this can be done through both drapes and flowers. Backdrops done in traditional yellow and red or the classic bold red and white can be chosen depending upon the suitability of the venue. Brighter contrasts are usually needed for larger, open venues while richer colors and heavier fabrics would look great in a banquet hall venue.


red and yellow drapes decoration floral wedding backdrop decoration

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