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Floral Decor For Pool Birthday Parties

Floral Decor For Pool Birthday Parties

Flowers make for enchanting decor for any kind of party, irrespective of the type or size of venue and gathering. They lift up the mood, set the tone with their fragrance and freshness and charm all attendees with their beauty. Here are some ways you can employ flower decoration for birthday when you’re having a pool party or just happen to have a pool built in the venue so that you can have the best of both worlds.


Stunning and elegant, rounded clusters of groomed crisp white flowers mounted upon a base covered with greens look nothing short of breath-taking when randomly floating in the pool.


floating greens and florals
 Image credit: dazaziviselo


Give the birthday decoration a tropical twist with these giant leaf-like floats upon which flowers can be arranged as per choice.


tropical floral decor
Image credit: Wedding forward


If you want to keep most of the pool empty just in case someone decides to take a dip, just place these floating bunches with candles around the corners. In contrasting hues and beautiful textures with the addition of carnations and baby’s breath, they will easily grab attention. The color combination also helps vibe with the cool tone of the entire aqua theme.


bright florals for pool decor
Image credit: Pinterest


Well-suited for adult birthday parties, this riveting decor employs floral bases with candles or lanterns mounted on top that look absolutely ethereal floating on the water.


candle and flower pool decor
Image credit: Pinterest


Express your love for flowers with this wedding-inspired decor that uses colossal bunches of florals and greens looking absolutely flamboyant and owning the show over the water.


floating florals decor
Image credit: danbolivar


Artificial flowers in soft pastels or vibrant hues can also be used for some elegant birthday party decorations. They look lovely and add cheer to the ambiance with their voluminous appearance.


artificial flower floats
Image credit: Pinterest


Get creative and have a trellis platform mounted on the pool over which floral bunches can then be stuck to make for mesmerizing party decor.


flowers mounted over trellis
Image credit: Pinterest


Super easy and quick- just scatter flower petals over the water. This can even be coordinated with the rest of the theme by choosing flowers in appropriate colors.


vibrant scattered flower petals decor
Image credit: Pinterest


It’s absolutely okay to go overboard with flowers and express your predilection for them! Use cheerful and bold color contrasts to make it interesting and have everything sheathed in florals- table runners, faux trees, candelabras. As for the pool, veil it with a riveting mix of fresh and artificial blooms.


complete floral decor for pool party
Image credit: Pinterest

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