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Elegant And Suave Event Decoration Ideas

Elegant And Suave Event Decoration Ideas

Formal corporate events and conventions call for special attention to be paid to the decor of the venue, keeping in mind the interior and the gentry frequenting the place. They usually call for understated and smart event decoration that complements the place without looking overbearing. Here are some ideas to inspire you for your events decoration.


Stairs and elevators occupy a major part of buildings and shouldn’t look bland next to the rest of the decor. Also, care should be taken that it is kept minimal so that they are safe to use. These stairs are elegantly decorated with drapes on one side and lined with marigold flowers.


staircase decor


These intricate embellishments can be placed anywhere along the entrance, the pathways, corridors, etc. Hanging birdcages decorated with string lights and leafy vines are a creative way to adorn the place for any kind of event. You can also put flowers inside the cage, preferably showy ones.


cage embellishments


A sober entrance decoration for doors and elevators, this one consists of drapes and is laden with flowers on the top and halfway along one side.


floral entrance decor


Here’s another entrance decor with drapes loosely tied on both sides and studded liberally with florals on top. The soft color combination looks enchanting. Complementary flower vases can be placed on both sides.


drape entrance decor


Get creative with the flower decoration for your event by matching and contrasting colors of the blooms chosen with that of the interior of the venue. Take, for example, in the picture below, gorgeous white and red rose pomanders are hung up from the ceiling panel that beautifully complements the glass interior and white paint of the place.

Or you can place metal candelabras or tall diya lamps in a row over pretty flower petal arrangements on the floor.

Another sober yet beautiful decor you can consider for entrances and passages is a low arch that is a mesh of wooden branches with candles, bunches of fresh flowers and ornate lamps placed on both sides.



For inauguration and other ceremonies, make sure to adorn the place of reception in a riveting manner to please all your guests. With floral rangolis, diya lamps wrapped with flower garlands and floral runners placed along the length of the desk, the best flower decorators can help you build just the ambiance you desire for your event.


flower rangoli decoration

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