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Category: <span>Weddings Bangalore</span>

Category: Weddings Bangalore

Ideas For Your Intimate Home Wedding Decor

Decor is the essential part of any function be it in your home or at a different venue outside. However, with Covid-19 last two years have been really hard when it comes to the weddings and their décor. With functions getting compressed in small places or in your home itself …

Unique Kaleeri ideas for Bridal flowers

  Indian brides have been wearing Kaleeris in the form of bridal jewelery since years and have become a part of the traditional bridal outfit. However, in recent years, the trend of flower jewellery has picked up and instead of wearing a piece of actual jewellery as Kaleeri, brides are …

Stage Decoration Ideas For Weddings Bangalore

  Have you ever realised that every wedding event that we attend, the first thing our eye catches is the wedding stage. That’s where the bride and groom await for everyone’s blessings and celebrate their happiness with their near ones. Now that it’s established that wedding stage occupies the crux …

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