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Decor is the essential part of any function be it in your home or at a different venue outside. However, with Covid-19 last two years have been really hard when it comes to the weddings and their décor. With functions getting compressed in small places or in your home itself our option is to level up our wedding decoration.

Although the wedding industry, in these hardships, picked itself beautifully and brought some of the glorious decors. And the wedding vendors showed best of their abilities and adapted to the changes too. So, let’s check out some of the most fun and intimate home wedding decors.

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Fly High With The Kites

Kites are a sign of positivity and therefore forms a great prop for wedding decors as well. They are bright, colourful and full of life helping the décor to maintain its game. Kites are pretty as well as very handy when it comes to creating a décor with them so chose them for a very homely décor and have your guests in awe.

Bottle Lamps For The Beauty

Indian families have a lot of unused bottles lying at home now be it a glass bottle of wine or glass water bottle. Well let’s not make them waste but use them in our intimate home wedding décor. Make a pretty vase out of them or use them to hold long and fancy candles.

Garden Lighting

Nature in itself is such a pure addition to any décor. However, if you are looking for a home wedding décor in the evening then do not forget to lighten up your garden.

So, if you have a garden at your home then it should not go unnoticed. Brighten the pretty little space by adding bulbs and fairy lights. You will not believe what wonders this décor can create for your guests.

Floral Strings

Be it a small celebration like a birthday party or a bigger one like a haldi function, sangeet or wedding, flowers form an essential part of all of them. You can use flowers in the most aesthetic and minimalist way. The floral strings are therefore a perfect way to compliment your décor.

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Bells For A Harmonious Set-Up

Bells are not only a great prop to be used in a décor but also a sign of auspicious gatherings and events. So, don’t limit them to your pooja, create a set up on the entrance or the Vidhi mandap for a spiritual touch. Give your wedding a boho look and blessings to your new beginnings.

Fabric Buntings For A Modern Touch

For a classy and appealing look, fabric buntings are the right thing. The fabric buntings can easily be decorated and imparts such a modern look to your intimate wedding functions.

Tassels And Plants

The most beautiful combination of décor is tassels and plants. As the lush green color of the plants and colourful tassels make the whole décor come to life. If you are planning for a day function of mehndi or sangeet then tassels in your garden is the best thing to choose for your outdoor décor.

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An Ode To An Intimate Wedding

We all know that love during the time of quarantine had its own challenges. Therefore, our priority became our clients, who loved their decors and their dreams come true even in difficult times. We concentrated on the happiness, safety, hygiene and capturing the joy of your special day. Therefore, the above listed ideas are some of our favorite and top listed ones for any intimate wedding function. Choose your favorite one and let us know, so that we can deliver you the best.

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